Young self-taught founder of a global print media company: Nida Fatima

Nida Fatima

A young entrepreneur with a mission to change industries and the way people work with a creative mind and use it by implementing ideas for the promotional part of businesses. As a phenomenal writer, her job is to bring these untold stories of reforming entrepreneurs and businesses to the world.

She started working as an intern to gain experience and insight into the industry and faced myriad challenges during this time and was often called too young and crazy to have such ambitions. She is more than just a well-known writer; but also a self-taught female entrepreneur.

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Nida says “I believe in the power of simplicity, high quality work and a customer-focused approach to business, which makes me the best among the rest and one of the youngest and most ambitious entrepreneurs. Being driven, driven and inspired by many young entrepreneurs, I have always had a creative bone in my body. At a time when most students’ perception of their lives is erratic and unpredictable, I was on the other side of the scale with a more determined and focused mindset to become an entrepreneur and businesswoman.

Nida Fatima is the Founder and CEO of ‘Unstoppable India’, a global print media company with a digital and print magazine which she launched when she was 20 years old. His expertise is advising and teaching start-ups how to improve their brand image. She is currently engrossed in business development, startups, creative content writing and personal branding and driving brand marketing momentum with lead generation strategies.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once said, “The 21st century will be the Indian century.” This claim is not a lie and has been proven by Indian entrepreneurs from time to time. It is the extraordinary vigor and youthfulness that brings an entrepreneurial spirit to people, and it is in high proportions within India’s already thriving workforce. India is technologically flying day by day, being the youth capital of the world. Unstoppable India believes in the potential of India and promotes young minds by telling their stories to the world.

“Always focus on the positive sides of things. Never lose hope in difficult situations and try to find how you can make the most of them. If you are reaching a milestone in your life, stop once and think about what will impact your future self. -Nida Fatima

Nida believes in no age limits while achieving her goals. According to her, young start-up founders are no less talented than older industry moguls. They have the potential to reach greater heights if properly guided and supported.

She says no one should make young people feel like relationships are just distractions from their future. They are not bad. The right companion can make every trip fun and enjoyable. But you always have to find ways to adopt skills that emphasize independent thinking. Young people need to focus on supporting their goals while thriving academically. You have to learn how to manipulate situations in the most lucrative way possible. Proper guidance can do wonders for people, especially the younger generation. They can achieve great results if they put their energy in the right direction. With hands-on expertise in business and content creation strategies using content marketing, helping companies grow their customer base, attract more investors and hire top talent and help brands grow their customer base. users, attract the attention of investors and hire the best talent using content marketing.

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