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Business Reporter: Yell – future-proofing UK businesses with expert digital marketing

For many years, the key to a successful business was offering the highest quality products or services to customers to build a great reputation through word of mouth.

In today’s digital world, this is no longer enough – businesses must also create and maintain a fantastic online presence and reputation. Whilst many small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in the UK are aware of this need, some may not understand how best to do this, who can help them promote their business online and how they can best connect and engage customers.

For companies that have already taken the opportunity to be visible online, the new challenge is that it has become increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition on websites, applications, search engines and popular social media channels. This has opened the door to online advertising to help businesses reach their target audience, including professionally designed websites to give the best possible impression to potential customers and effective strategies for developing and managing reviews.

This means that for many business owners, reaching more customers can feel like a tense balancing act of prioritizing the already valuable time, energy, and money they need to run their business while knowing how to manage their digital growth and marketing efforts.

The catalyst for many businesses to realize that a great online presence was a must rather than a benefit was of course the recent pandemic. To survive a business climate that simply never existed before, SMEs had to think quickly and adjust their business offering and setup to accommodate a more remote way of working and interacting with existing and new customers. . Investing in online services has been paramount to being able to continue to serve customers and maintain their business.

For example, during lockdown, when more people were working from home and not going on vacation, there was a real surge in demand for DIY supplies. A Yell customer of over 20 years, family business Premier Timber on the Isle of Sheppey, was able to capitalize on this opportunity by ensuring they had a strong and reliable online presence that was easy to find and contact. Premier Timber made the most of its Yell listing by enabling Yell Messaging so customers can send messages instantly. This allowed the company to showcase its great customer reviews, build an e-commerce website, and optimize it for the right search terms. Premier Timber has been able to grow its customer base and order numbers throughout the lockdown far beyond expectations where many other businesses were simply not set up to do so.

Customer stories like this are what have helped make Yell a household name and a champion of local businesses for over 50 years – along with its iconic Yellow Pages TV ads such as the campaigns run by JR Hartley and James Nesbitt. With the latest Yellow Pages directory published in 2018, the Yell brand has evolved with the times and now offers the latest in digital marketing technology to better help UK businesses boost their online visibility and reputation, and grow their business and growth. customer base.

For small businesses with one to five employees, Yell offers self-service business growth tools to improve online visibility, reputation and communication. Yell is now much more than an online directory – it’s a stepping stone to a much wider network (including Apple, Amazon and Microsoft channels), with a range of features that also help businesses get found, approved and connected with customers.

Best of all, they can manage it all in one place – the innovative Yell for Business app. This gives owners and managers full control of their business’s online presence in the palm of their hand. Yell’s vision is to become a fully transactional online marketplace that enables digital touchpoints throughout the business-to-customer lifecycle.

For larger, more established SMB customers, Yell offers a range of fully managed digital marketing services that help businesses maximize their online reach and maximize their return on investment. Services include online advertising campaigns (including pay-per-click, display and social media), website creation, video production, search engine optimization (SEO) and content management. reputation, all backed by products and services from leading technology companies including Google, Meta (formerly Facebook), Microsoft and Wix.

Yell continues to develop and improve its offering to UK businesses based on real customer feedback, because its mission is – as it always has been – to connect businesses and customers brilliantly.

Yell provides a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs – see how it can help you here:

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