Who is Derek Kesseler in The Courtship? The digital marketing manager is an adventure seeker with cooking skills

Derek Kressler is one of sixteen suitors battling to win the heart of Nicole Remy on NBC The Courtship. The show is one of many reality dating series on television, including classics like the Single franchise, the island of loveand shows in the age of streaming like Love is blind and Too hot to handle.

The idea of The Courtship is to create a romantic Regency-era story for the protagonist to find love, with a castle setting and the need to win over the heroine and her court of family and friends. In a grand setting among the rolling hills of the English countryside, a group of 16 eligible suitors must fight to win her heart.

Who is The Courtship star Derek Kressler?

The Courtship star Derek Kressler is a digital marketing executive currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. The 31-year-old star is a fashion, adventure and positive spirit advocate from Beaumont, Alberta. His family includes his mother, Gloria McLellan Kesseler, his father, Jack Kressler, his brother and his sister.

While in Alberta, the star worked in the construction and oil industry, a job he hated, which led him to move to Canada in 2015. He started his own clothing business, but failed to bring his “quarter-life crisis” to Vancouver. Kressler consistently donated company money to BC Children’s Hospital, Canada, which specializes in pediatric services.

Kressler also participated in season 6 of Big Brother Canada, which premiered in 2018 and was ranked third. Paras Atashnak was named the winner and Kaela Grant the runner-up, the first time in the show’s history where the winner and runner-up were women.

Kressler is an adventurer, always looking for new places to explore. He loves trying new activities that will take him out of his comfort zone and believes that “spontaneity is the spice of life”. His official NBC bio reads:

“He’s ready to find someone who can face life with as much passion as he does. He’s developed his cooking skills and is ready to impress a date with his Canadian cuisine and small-town charm. Derek couldn’t be more thrilled to dive headfirst into this love affair.”

Growing up in the small town of Beaumont, Alberta, the star spent her winters on the hockey rink and her summers on the golf course. He loves being in nature. His hobbies include hiking, golf, photography and camping in the Canadian Rockies.

He currently owns a media company called Book a cameo, where people can request a personalized video of their favorite celebrities for any occasion. They can also access paid live video calls with the celebrities of their choice and gain exclusive access by joining fan clubs.

Find out more about The Court

Kressler and other suitors will appear on NBC’s reality dating series, The Courtship, to find potential love with Nicole Remy. However, it’s not just the heroine who has a say. Her “court” picks dates for her and helps find out which suitors deserve her love.

The Courtship premieres on NBC on March 6, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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