What are the dos and don’ts of brand management?

What are the dos and don’ts of managing a brand’s reputation? originally appeared on Quora: the place to acquire and share knowledge, enabling people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Responnse through Diego abba, CEO of italist.com, to Quora:

DO: Perform a branding exercise where you define your brand’s values, pillars and promises, along with useful elements like slogans, consumer value propositions, etc. This will help you be consistent with all of your posts.

Then think about each level of brand management, which is another way of putting it: each point at which consumers engage with your brand. Most people think of social media and website because those are the obvious points where you can define who and what you are, but brand reputation is even more complex. It’s how you treat your customers, how you deal with disputes and errors, how you anticipate consumer wants, needs and wants, and how you align in the marketplace among your competition, with influencers and partners. , and even what charitable causes you work with. .

I also believe that being honest and human is the best policy when it comes to managing a brand. At the end of the day, there are people behind the name, and those people help define and maintain the brand. But, they are human and imperfect, so missteps will occur. Excuse yourself and move on.

From a marketing and communications perspective, it’s also helpful to think holistically about how your brand is seen and perceived. This is not only about social media and your own website, but also about high profile media coverage in reputable and reliable media that covers the leadership team of your business, the philosophies that drive the business. and the people who work there, and the values ​​of your company (and therefore brand) mean. This is becoming more and more important because with all the choices available to them, consumers want to support businesses that they believe have similar ideals and principles to theirs.

DON’T: Assume the process will be clean, tidy, linear, or never really ‘done’. Brand and reputation management is an ongoing, ever-evolving process of defining and redefining, and nurturing what you stand for, which is reinforced by your behavior, not just your message. This goes for everyone at all levels of the business, who needs to understand and accept the words they need to use and why the brand is saying things a certain way about their operations or their value. They (employees and management) are the first line of ambassadors and points of contact who, even informally, represent the essence of a brand.

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