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CHICAGO, Nov. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VSPT Wine Group, one of the top 20 wine groups in the world, the leader in sales of premium wines and sparkling wines in Chile, and one of the top 5 producers in the Argentinian domestic market, chose BrandMuscle for brand management. BrandMuscle’s trusted capabilities will provide customizable point-of-sale marketing templates to the award-winning Chilean wine group’s business consultants, providing a seamless and efficient way to customize, print and manage brand-compliant marketing assets for consumers. onsite and offsite accounts. . BrandMuscle capabilities will save sales teams time and resources, increasing speed to market and brand awareness in the competitive wine space, while VSPT expands the presence of its diverse portfolio of brands, including their popular GatoNegro, Graffigna, B-Liv, Leyda, 1865 and Ö-61 wines, in grocery stores, liquor stores, bars and restaurants.

Growing grapes in the scenic Andes of Chile and Argentina, VSPT Wine Group wineries offer consumers a broad portfolio of brands with flavor profiles that can satisfy different occasions and preferences. Sold in 80 countries around the world, VSPT Wine Group continues to win awards and be recognized not only for its world-class wine, but also for its corporate values, social innovation and environmental stewardship. Their sustainability model is built around three action areas – climate change, conscious consumption and sustainable progress – to provide a framework for achieving their primary goal of total carbon neutrality by 2050. This goal requires a process of exemplary production from the vineyard to the market.

As VSPT marketed its products and values ​​in the US market, it needed a more efficient and reliable system to transfer printed materials from the point of sale to onsite and offsite accounts, and to keep them compliant with the brand. Traditionally, the group shipped some outlets from South America to the United States, but there were obvious costs involved with printing and shipping assets overseas. This method also offered limited visibility into placement and execution of print materials, and sending customizable files allowed marketing materials to go off-brand. VSPT needed a partner that could keep their POS assets brand compliant.

With 20 years of experience partnering with liquor distributors and suppliers, BrandMuscle understands the complexities of liquor marketing and how to drive local awareness and sales. Rather than creating opportunities for point-of-sale assets to go off-brand or get the message across, BrandMuscle’s user-friendly, customizable templates and industry relationships will allow channel partners and teams to VSPT’s sales and marketing team to bring seven of VSPT’s 20 brands to customers and capture the attention of new consumers. As VSPT Wine Group hires more dedicated US staff, BrandMuscle will give them increased access and speed to market with point-of-sale materials ranging from case cards to table tents to menu inserts.

“BrandMuscle makes everything so much easier, more efficient and more effective,” said Roberto Catalani, VP of Marketing at VSPT US “Their platform is very intuitive, clear and fast, and I get a lot of great feedback on the quality of the printed POS itself. We are happy.”

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About VSPT Wine Group

As one of the top 20 producers worldwide, VSPT is the leader in sales of premium wines and sparkling wines in Chile, and one of the top 10 producers in the Argentinian domestic market. The group’s economic model is based on strategic partnerships and shared visions, promoting mutually beneficial human relationships with customers and suppliers, which are long-term and comprehensive. VSPT firmly believes that its main asset is its exceptional team passionate about wine. A pioneer in sustainable development, VSPT has made sustainable development a strategic objective and a corporate value for the group. The company is also a leader in renewable energy production, focused on responsible design and eco-friendly packaging, passionate about nature and the planet, committed to being carbon neutral in three areas by 2050 through its membership of the IWCA, and a guardian and promoter of biodiversity and conscious alcohol consumption. For more information, visit https://vsptwinegroup.com/en/ and follow instagram, LinkedInand Twitter.

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BrandMuscle is the leader in local and integrated channel marketing, serving more than 175 of the world’s biggest brands, with 750 professionals in five offices around the world. BrandMuscle provides marketers and their channel partners with the solutions, insights, and expertise to deliver an exceptional and consistent local brand experience. The BrandMuscle intelligent local marketing platform simplifies and scales digital and physical marketing execution, enabling brands to acquire and retain the best customers, retain them, increase revenue and maximize ROI . For more information about BrandMuscle, visithttps://www.brandmuscle.com/or call (866) 464-4342.


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