Global talent, entertainment and sports leader UTA has signed with a next-generation media company Rap TV. UTA will work to expand RapTV’s footprint by forming strategic partnerships, booking talent collaborations and harnessing new media in an ever-changing media landscape.

With a total of 36 million subscribers across social platforms including @Rap, @bars and @steez, RapTV has become one of the largest digital communities in the world. The company is committed to tapping into the zeitgeist through compelling media coverage, original content and cultural relevance. Founded by 28-year-old Daniel Snow, the digital empire has nearly 1.8 billion monthly impressions.

With his finger firmly abreast of today’s latest music news and the growing popularity of rap fans around the world, 28-year-old RapTV founder Daniel Snow has established the company as a primary outlet. for record labels to share artist news and releases. RapTV has already partnered with all major record labels, including Columbia, Interscope and Atlantic.

The outlet also covers subjects other than hip-hop and has collaborated with major brands such as BMW, McDonald’s and Chipotle. Most recently, the RapTV team launched content partnerships with TikTok and Facebook to showcase upcoming talent in the hip-hop industry.

“RapTV is one of the most forward-thinking media companies in the industry and we are thrilled to partner with them to amplify their vision,” said Akhil Hegde of UTA. “We look forward to providing new opportunities that continue the expansion of the RapTV brand while simultaneously elevating our hip-hop customers into the news.”

“We are delighted to work with UTA, an industry leader in talent management,” said Snow. “Our focus at RapTV this year and beyond is centered on programming original content and we are confident that UTA will be a big part of our success with this initiative. We are lucky to call them our partners as RapTV seeks to become the number one hip hop music and culture provider on the internet.

Cathy W. Howerton