TV Host Yenitza Muñoz Creates New Mindset Content for Media Company

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/April 26, 2022/ New Mindset Content is a multifaceted media and production company launched by TV host, producer and entrepreneur Yenitza Muñoz. In an era where online content, influencers and celebrities have become an important part of growing a brand’s audience and establishing credibility, media relationships and experience are essential. . However, these crucial contacts can be difficult to find, leaving some companies scrambling to keep up. According to a New Mindset Content spokesperson, building their client’s content with appropriate connections and experience can add to the missing elements the client is looking for. New Mindset Content leverages its own network and industry experience to help build brands in innovative ways.

The Age of Social Media and Influencer Marketing

There are approximately 300 million social media users in the United States alone. Whether we like it or not, the era of influencer marketing is upon us; influencers can draw more attention to certain products and brands than traditional ads or video ads. Influencer marketing allows advertising to be targeted to specific groups of consumers with an added layer of trust – a personal recommendation from a trusted influencer can be a very effective boost for a product or brand.

Working with an innovative production and media company that specializes in honest content is key to creating a well-produced show, commercial, or marketing campaign. Today, there are countless visual platforms to expose your brand through social media and streaming outlets, but not having the right content can harm your brand. According to Muñoz, companies are always looking to keep up with the times and with their competitors. With our innovative and ever-changing markets, the right production and media company can elevate your brand.

Brand development on all fronts

Businesses looking to expand their reach will often turn to several different platforms to reach a wider audience. Creating proper production through podcasts, TV commercials, online advertisements, and radio spots can create a reputable channel for your business, which proves essential for online search engines. Having your content on streaming services and other traditional platforms is also increasingly helpful in reaching your target demographic as streaming services become more popular.

New Mindset Content, Tuesday, April 26, 2022, Image from press release

New Mindset Content was created to develop content for a variety of outlets with the goal of helping clients build (or rebuild) their brands. The company has produced podcasts, radio shows, television programs, partnerships with influencers and advertisements. Additionally, they provide options for developing concepts to formulate pitches for original series for television or credible streaming platforms. The company offers a wide range of production choices.

Content should mean something

Over the past year, the company has come to set a single standard of values ​​regarding the tone, purpose, and accuracy of the content it creates. The team thinks this will set it apart from the ocean of other content people consume on a daily basis. As one representative explained, “We believe content should provide positive, honest, wholesome, or educational information that can help people. Our philosophy on content production is similar to our philosophy on its consumption; we care first and foremost about quality, credibility and authenticity. The team believes that negative content can only harm a business, so they strive to be accurate, practical and positive. They claim it creates an effective content style that can build lasting credibility.

Looking to the future of production and media

With advances in technology and new platforms changing the media landscape every day, it’s an exciting time to be in the marketing and media production space. According to the team, “there are so many exciting new opportunities to explore, and we love finding new, innovative ways to connect with people.” Whatever direction the industry takes, the New Mindset Content team will work hard to stay ahead of the curve.

About New Mindset Content

New Mindset Content specializes in media consulting, production, commercials, podcasts, content development and public relations. They produce social media campaigns, influencer collaborations, celebrity endorsements, and talent appearances for podcasts and corporate content. According to a company spokesperson, “Our mission is to create innovative, high-quality content that matches our customers’ brands.”

Meet Yenitza Muñoz

Yenitza Muñoz is a producer, news personality and former model. She has worked in the industry for many years and has developed credible relationships with celebrities, industry professionals and major media companies such as NBC, KTLA, Roku TV, iHeartRadio, Spectrum News and Telemundo. She also reports for Sky News for NBC and KTLA via Welk Aviation and Angel City Air in Los Angeles. His work in news and entertainment production has allowed him to interview and work with countless celebrities.

Find New Mindset content online at Contact [email protected]. Read more about the founder on her official site.

Meet some of the company’s many clients: talk green by GTC, The BeWell network (and Pure Salvage Podcast), Alien Fresh Jerky on Youtube.

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