This is how iCubesWire became a Rs 1200-cr digital marketing ecosystem

iCubesWire has grown from a handful of digital marketing experts to a digital marketing ecosystem valued at Rs 1,200 crore since its inception in 2010. Today, the Gurugramh-based company is spearheading digital transformation for its clients with a team of approximately 300 people across India, Singapore and Dubai.

The company believes that the future of digital will be determined by analyzing consumer behavior across technological disruptions. “Technology is the epicenter of our progress. From managing demand and supply to predicting consumer behavior, technology allows us to walk in tandem with our customers,” says Sahil Chopra, Founder and CEO.

Chopra believes that the foundation of every business is laid by its core team, which shapes a company’s ethos. He considers himself extremely lucky to have had the same core team members who have believed in the company’s vision since its inception. “I had an excellent relationship with the people who shook my hand when the company was founded. Today, we share the same bond and all are part of the company’s board of directors,” says Chopra.

family culture

iCubesWire thrives on a family culture and takes care of its employees. The company’s people-centric policies, such as interest-free loans, medical emergency funds and healthy meals, ensure employee well-being. “We love our employees and deeply appreciate their contribution to the growth of the company. We view our employees as our greatest asset,” says Chopra.

The greatest validation of the company’s success is in the brands it is associated with. “The secret sauce is to put yourself in the customers’ shoes and understand what their business goals and challenges are. It helps us get real ROI for them,” says Chopra. The company has worked with over 500 global brands across the spectrum – automotive, OTA, OTT, e-commerce, FMCG, BFSI, gaming, and more. iCubesWire has long-lasting relationships with brands like Adani Group, Bajaj Group, SBI Card, IndiGo Airlines, Kotak Mahindra Bank and many more.

Innovative ideas

iCubesWire offers a range of products and services in its award-winning package. He started out as a performance marketing network, where he managed the demand and supply of inventory to deliver real ROI to his clients. iCubesWire has grown into a full-service technology-focused agency, bringing together 2D-3D animation and video creation, influencer marketing, rich media technology solutions, creative innovations and much more under one roof.

In 2017, iCubesWire announced a $3 million innovation fund to support the growing number of start-up startups in India. Through the digital innovation fund, the company aimed to amplify the growth of startups that attempt to solve specific customer problems through technology. In the world of financing and winding, iCubesWire has, to date, managed to be 100% privately owned and has always been profitable.

The company plans to hire 100 more people and expand into new markets in Europe and LATAM, where it is seeing increased demand for its technology-focused offerings. Chopra believes their journey has only just begun and the company is looking at multiple growth in the years to come. “We are young and hungry and we see exponential growth in new markets and services over the next two to three years. The team is ready for the next phase of the journey,” he says.

Cathy W. Howerton