This Innovative Freelance Marketplace Provides On-Demand Digital Marketing Freelancers

Betterly is an innovative and leading independent marketing platform that helps DTC brands hire world-class talent to audit, assist or oversee their digital marketing efforts.

Thanks to the pandemic, the world is currently on the fast track to remote work and freelancing. It would have been unheard of until now for companies and businesses to outsource internal tasks to freelancers, but Covid-19 has ensured that this is no longer the case. However, it was not all easy.

One of the biggest complaints from companies that choose the freelance route is the inability to find professional freelancers who take their jobs seriously. The internet itself is filled with horrific stories of non-professional freelancers whose flaky nature has resulted in multi-million dollar losses. So it’s understandable why most companies are hesitant to go the freelance route. Either way, Betterly has found the perfect solution to this impasse.

The founder, Alexandre Bocquet, is a veteran of the agency world, but since COVID and the world of working from home began, he has seen a gap in the way agencies operate. He decided to create a better alternative. Better is an innovative new freelance marketplace that connects top digital marketing freelancers with brands. The platform presents itself as the perfect alternative between a risky, unverified freelancer and an expensive fantasy agency. Additionally, Betterly connects businesses with marketers who can drive results for their advertising channels and campaigns.

unlike others independent marketing Recruiting free-for-all platforms, Betterly hires only the most elite consultants and agencies in the industry. Every member of the Betterly team goes through a thorough vetting process that includes testing their technical knowledge and problem-solving ability, to ensure that only the best are able to make it through.

Then, potential candidates are interviewed by Betterly’s sourcing team who are looking for a strong mix of specialist knowledge, problem-solving ability, depth of experience, communication skills and creativity. Next, candidates are tested on their ability to solve real-world challenges, a process that takes 1-3 weeks.

better rigorous selection is skilfully complemented by its network of experts available to provide high-level recommendations based on specific client targets. Additionally, these experts can partner with clients to implement strategies that can help them achieve their goals. In the rare event that a client is unhappy with the end result, Betterly will connect them with another expert while working closely with them to find the right marketer for their project.

take advantage of better services is as easy as getting in touch with the team. The company does not charge any recruitment or contract fees. Instead, they’ll connect potential clients with their top consultants and marketing agencies so they can find the perfect fit. Clients who work with Betterly get the best of both worlds: the flexibility of a freelancer and the benefit of a large agency thanks to the company’s private community.

Illustrious brands that Betterly freelancers have worked with include Adidas, Shell, Nutribullet, Quicken Loans, Petco, Los Angeles Times, Afterpay, Goop, NHL, among others.

To learn more about Betterly and the services it offers, please visit the company’s website. website.

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