The Now Corp. acquires a stake in a social media company

The Now company NWPN has acquired a 28% stake in MePeeps Inc.

MePeeps Inc. is headquartered in North Carolina with a development office in Charlotte. Its main servers are located in the United States. This company connects users with people and content centered around their interests, sharing content only with authorized viewers. It is a personal online space, with privacy, trust, control and security. MePeeps says there is no tracking, no spam, no direct targeted advertising, and no cookies stored on users’ devices. Additionally, the company states that it will never interfere with free speech in any way unless it contains hate, obscenity, harassment, or misinformation.

“These are exciting times. With the hyper-digital expansion and widespread adoption of social media, technology and social trends are rapidly and fundamentally changing the way individuals and businesses interact,” said Fernando Londe, President of MePeeps, Inc. He continues, “This explains the urgent need for PR, marketing and customer service teams to fully commit to launching a pre-production ready version of this social media platform. Together, The Now Corporation and MePeeps will help our customers network, connect and engage with the world.

MePeeps is currently in beta. The platform will go through upgrades and apply additional software tools for the best user experience. The beta mobile app is ready and can be downloaded on Android or Apple IOS.

“I believe that a successful social media platform is driven by human interaction. MePeeps will allow users to post credible information, without being flagged or blocked like the tech giants. This feature gives them a significant advantage by having direct communications with customers,” said Ken Williams, CEO of The Now Corporation. He continues, “While MePeeps allows freedom of speech, we do not allow hate, obscenity, harassment, or misinformation of any kind. Regulate yourself, and don’t let the government do it for you!“

Photo: Benzinga; Sources: courtesy of jarmoluk and lindsayfox via Pixabay

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