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Cariuma’s low-top shoes are beautiful and comfortable – and they do it all with consciously selected materials while working with ethical factories and recycled packaging. You get a cool classic look that turns heads and the inner satisfaction of doing the right thing with your new kicks. Plus, they plant a pair of trees in the Brazilian rainforest for every pair you buy.

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Nathalie Rodrigues

She is arguably one of the biggest Brazilian social media influencers. At only 22 years old, this black woman has already made a name for herself on Fortune the magazine’s list of the world’s 50 greatest leaders. Her YouTube channel Nath Finanças has amassed over 290,000 subscribers since its launch in 2019, and her audience wants every word on investments and financial education. His videos aim to empower low-income people to improve their economic situation.

Fisayo Fosudo

This 25-year-old Nigerian YouTuber has over 260,000 subscribers and is one of Africa’s most easily recognizable content creators. An economics graduate with a background in graphic design, Fosudo reviews gadgetry and offers budget discipline and investment advice for millennials and Gen Z across multiple series, like Finance Fridays.

Tori Dunclap

Her mission: to help more women around the world overcome economic patriarchy by accomplishing what she did at the age of 25: earn a six-figure income. At just 27, Dunlap calls her philosophy “financial feminism.” She shares her financial advice on TikTok, where her Her First $100K platform has gained 2.1 million followers. Need more proof that his strategy is working? Last year, Dunlap earned half a million dollars from running the business.

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Han Shimei

The 49-year-old factory cook was sold to her husband by his struggling family. Today, she is emerging as China’s unlikely new poetic sensation. Every morning, she wakes up in her village in the central province of Henan to a flood of comments on her latest poetic thoughts, which she posts on Kuaishou, the popular TikTok-like app. For Han, the poems are an outlet for a mundane life between the factory and the shoes she crochets in her free time. His poetry has resonated with many other Chinese as the country recovers from a recession and the pandemic.

Yrsa Daley-Ward

The daughter of a Jamaican mother and a Nigerian father, the British writer found success in the worlds of Instagram and formal publishing. But wearing many hats comes naturally to Daley-Ward, who spent his early 20s in London as a struggling model for brands including Apple and Nike, battling racism before moving to Cape Town, where he was more easy to find work as a black model. She has since found her true calling in poetry and prose, and an Instagram platform that has brought her fame and success.

Rupi Kaur

Arguably the queen of poetry on social media, the Indo-Canadian artist has 4.5 million followers on Instagram and now does live readings. But she also had critics, including one who designed an artificial intelligence-based program that produced poems remarkably similar to Kaur’s. But it’s precisely the simple language and related themes, such as identity and femininity, that Kaur says makes her Insta poems accessible. If the poetry is about the masses and not just the elite, then its voice is louder than any critic.



Gavin Newsom

The 40th Governor of California has over 170,000 TikTok followers. And @gavinnewsom makes sure he uses the platform as an effective communication tool, whether it’s about the state’s immunization program or policy changes like a new state-funded guaranteed income plan. With TikTok becoming an important medium for targeting young voters, it makes sense for politicians to use the platform. Newsom leads the way.

Mahathir Mohamed

But TikTok is not just a game for young people. The 96-year-old former prime minister of Malaysia has attracted over 390,000 followers to the platform since joining in August 2020. He goes by the handle @chedetofficial and insists he’s “still young”. Its TikTok content ranges from trending challenges to posting book recommendations and promoting Malaysian airports. His messages also feature a mixture of English and Malay. Is he young enough to make another political comeback – this time via TikTok?

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