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The importance of digital marketing strategy is huge in the digital world. It gives some direction to all digital marketing activities, while developing targeting, website traffic and increasing brand awareness. The essential elements of a digital marketing strategy are goals, channel strategy, content strategy, media strategy, and tactics. The purpose of a digital marketing strategy is to use available resources (channels, tools, people) and work to achieve your goals, while setting timelines and budgets, evaluating current and past activity, and giving ownership of activities and KPIs to individuals.

Resource maps provide a good layout of all required resources and their role is to demonstrate project requirements against current availability. Moreover, budgeting is crucial in defining an effective digital marketing strategy. Budgets include media costs, creative production, agency fees, digital tools and technology, as well as staff costs, training and processes. Moreover, for the execution of a digital marketing strategy, it is essential to identify the channels to be used for the campaign such as social networks, display, paid search, SEO, e-mail and content and assess their strengths and weaknesses. These channels will then form the media plan which indicates the advertising budget will be spent.

Digital activities can be integrated offline to improve performance on other channels such as TV. “Dual Screening” with viewers active on both mobile phones and TV, provides more interaction and engagement. An example of this is providing a hashtag in a TV ad, involving people in online discussions.

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Cathy W. Howerton