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Talk shows often follow a typical lead: stars who sell a new song, book, or movie are launched. A few light jokes, then some commercials. Carlos Watson’s show is a little different. Welcome to a new genre of talk show where we have meaningful conversations with game changers and change makers who are ahead of their time and worthy of yours. Emmy-winning journalist Carlos Watson, co-founder and CEO of OZY, brought everyone on camera from Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush to Jameela Jamil, Heidi Klum and Bill Gates. So, in today’s Daily Dose, we highlight some of our favorite interviews and personalities from over 200 interviews. What are some of your favorite episodes from Carlos Watson’s show? Let us know at: [email protected] For now, dig in and enjoy.

The stars of “The Carlos Watson Show”

1 – Dr Anthony Fauci

The man we no longer introduce and the subject of the most watched episode of Carlos Watson’s show never, talks candidly about everything from handling the stress of working around the clock at age 80 (he’ll be 81 on Friday), threats he receives when commenting on the previous administration and the rise of COVID variants, to racial disparity in health in the United States Don’t miss his bold prediction for the next scientific breakthrough that could result from the race for the COVID vaccine: an HIV vaccine. To listen to the full unseen conversation between Carlos and Anthony Fauci, subscribe to the podcast version of the show here:

2 – Scarlett johansson

We are joined by a Hollywood mega-star, one of the country’s most acclaimed actresses: Scarlett Johansson. The multiple Oscar nominee takes us behind the scenes of the Black Widow movie and how she physically prepares for hardcore action. As one of Hollywood’s busiest actresses, she talks about how she overcomes burnout and shares who she’d like to invite to a dinner party. To listen to the full, never-before-seen conversation between Carlos and Scarlett, subscribe to the podcast version of the show here.

3 – Neil de Grasse Tyson

The undisclosed scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson joins Carlos on a tour of the cosmos – and why a young Neil fell in love with him at the age of nine. Find out why your daily life is more tied to space than you might think, and learn about Tyson’s surprising wrestling and martial arts skills. Tune in to the backstory of how a Bronx child became a global star, helping us understand important and complicated issues, and how our life depends on space.

4 – HER

The HER music superstar discusses the importance of trusting your instincts. With an Oscar and multiple Grammys in the bag, the R&B prodigy HER joined Carlos for an open conversation about his early hits and meeting with the moment, and she shares a shocking revelation about a band that could’ve been … with herself , Kehlani and Zendaya. Additionally, she shares insight into her journey to success and the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement in her music.

5 – Marc Cuban

One of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs returns to the show. Mark Cuban – star of Shark aquarium and owner of the Dallas Mavericks – sits down with Carlos to discuss everything from dogecoin trading tips he shares with his basketball team to how AI will revolutionize the world of personalized medicine. Plus, he’s finally making a definitive statement about whether he’ll follow Trump as the next billionaire presidential candidate. To listen to the full, never-before-seen conversation between Carlos and Mark Cuban, subscribe to the podcast version of the show here.

6 – Anne Coulter

This is the one you definitely don’t want to miss. Ann Coulter is known for many things, but holding back isn’t one of them. The lawyer turned political expert and bestselling author came onto the scene when he was heavily involved in the scandal that engulfed President Bill Clinton in the 1990s. Carlos sits down with Ann for an interview that delves deeply into her upbringing , his favorite politicians, his opinion of President Donald Trump (his words: he failed to keep a host of promises and will not win the Republican presidential nomination for 2024) and much more!

seven – Ava Duvernay

It changes the male gaze in Hollywood. Legendary filmmaker Ava DuVernay is no stranger to making statements with her work, but over the past two years she has been particularly busy behind the lens. She tells Carlos how she is turning the script around with new projects like ARRAY, his production company that amplifies the stories of women and people of color, and LEAP, his new initiative to empower law enforcement through l ‘art. Find out why she is “anxious but hopeful” about the world and listen to the startling controversy behind her biggest regret.

8 – Werner Herzog

Take a look at Werner’s wild world. Carlos is joined by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog who shares landmark stories from his unique career, explains how fearlessness has always motivated his ambition, and provides insight into what topic he might tackle in his next film. A key overview? He only pursues films that are difficult to make. For the full, never-before-seen conversation between Carlos and Herzog, subscribe to the podcast version of the show here.

9 – Bethenny frankel

Meet The Hustler. The reality TV star who sold her business for $ 100 million. Bethenny Frankel tells Carlos the story of her relationship with her boyfriend Paul Bernon, as well as her tumultuous childhood and her journey to become an entrepreneur in Los Angeles. His big break came as a finalist on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart in 2005, before becoming a central player in The real housewives of New York. These appearances led to a series of shows built around her dynamic character, as the author of four self-help books and founder of Skinnygirl, a lifestyle brand, and Bstrong, a relief organization. in the event of a disaster.

ten – Navid Negahban

You may have seen it in 24, FX Legion or even Country. Today, Iranian-American actor Navid Negahban begins his second season of Tehran on Apple TV and… build an artists’ paradise in LA. Join him in this episode of Carlos Watson’s show while “the man of a thousand faces” himself evokes the departure from Iran for Hollywood, his latest adventure and finding true happiness. You can find clips below or listen to the full interview on the show’s podcast feed.


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