Stephen Curry’s media company is launching a series of ‘untold’ sports story podcasts, including one about his famous celebration

  • Stephen Curry’s company Unanimous Media is launching a podcast series, “The Greatest Sports Stories Never Told”.
  • The series, narrated by Joe Tessitore, focuses on under-told sports stories and features Curry-themed episodes.

Stephen Curry’s Unanimous Media is getting into the podcast game.

On Thursday, Unanimous Media launched “The Greatest Sports Stories Never Told” series, in partnership with Audible. It’s an eight-episode series focused on sports stories that aren’t often told.

The podcast, narrated by ESPN announcer Joe Tessitore, features episodes about ping pong legend Wally Green, the baseball career of country music star Charley Pride and Valentino Dixon, a wrongfully incarcerated artist who paints images of golf courses. An episode titled “Warriors Sisters” is about “basketball’s first family”, the Ogwumikes.

There are also several Curry-focused episodes, including one about his famous “point to the sky” celebration and one about his relationship with Aaron Taylor, a former inmate of San Quentin State Prison who calls basketball games.

In an email, Curry told Insider the show’s purpose was to shed light on people who have been “neglected.”

“When we created the show, it was important for us to select stories from underrepresented and overlooked individuals,” Curry said.

He added: “When we launched Unanimous Media, our priority was to champion diverse voices and bring a lens to the stories that need to be heard. So it was a natural next step for us to do that in the media space. podcast.”

Unanimous Media CEO Erick Peyton, who met Curry through Under Armor connections, said the stories fit their brand perfectly.

“We’re always looking to inspire,” Peyton told Insider.

“This podcast series is another way to really inspire through sport.”

“The Greatest Sports Stories Ever Told” comes from Unanimous Media and Audible.via audible/unanimous media

According to Peyton, deciding the stories for each episode was a balancing act: what’s in plain sight, but doesn’t often get talked about? It was said that Curry was involved in the selection of these stories.

Peyton said he was most excited for the episode over Dixon and Curry’s famous celebration after making three runs. Curry’s mother, Sonya, even makes an appearance.

“A lot of people don’t know why I double punch my chest and point to the sky during games,” Curry said. “My mom always tells me it’s important to tell people your ‘why,’ so she joins me in the episode to tell the story.”

Peyton said he thought the show would return for a second season.

There will also be more Curry-themed stories.

“I’m excited for listeners to find out new things about me and why I do what I do,” Curry said.

Cathy W. Howerton