Seraphine Ogutu launches a digital marketing agency in Ontario, Canada

Seraphine offers an all-in-one platform to help coaches, consultants, and course creators build strong brands, get noticed, and increase their online program sales.

April 25, 2022 – Seraphine Ogutu is the founder of DONE FOR YOU CONSULTANCY, a leading social media and email marketing agency in Ontario, Canada. She announced that she will focus on new and aspiring coaches and consultants looking to create an alternative income by monetizing their knowledge and experience. Leveraging her expertise as a Bob Proctor-certified executive coach for over nine years and a $500,000-a-year marketing and advertising entrepreneur for over 16 years, Seraphine is well-positioned to empower existing and aspiring online entrepreneurs to succeed in the digital market.

Seraphine and her team offer an automated plug-and-play sales ecosystem with website builder, email autoresponder, course portal, calendar, chat widget, Facebook, WhatsApp and integration of Google My Business. Combined with Seraphine’s marketing strategies, the platform is ideal for coaches, consultants, health trainers, CPAs, doctors, local businesses, start-ups, and small to medium-sized businesses.

As a business consultant, Seraphine specializes in helping consultants and businesses grow revenue through consistent social media and marketplace engagement, resulting in profitable mindshare.

Seraphine will offer in-depth counseling using results-based methodologies through DONE FOR YOU CONSULTANCY. Clients will receive comprehensive input that allows for a full understanding of the client’s unique needs and pain points. Next, Seraphine builds a customer-centric email and social media communications plan based on a scalable, all-in-one integrated platform to reduce costs, flatten customer learning curves, and help them make the most of online marketing.

Most businesses struggle to grow and make a profit online. The power of sales funnels, efficient systems, and the authority of social media through consistent on-brand messaging is invaluable. Email marketing, calendars, course portals, chat widgets, social media posting functionality and Google My Business all in one platform is a recipe for online business success .

Seraphine expertly shapes each client’s branding and marketing needs and creates copy for content that will interest, educate and engage their potential clients to drive increased traffic, resulting in higher revenue. More information is available at

About Seraphine Ogutu

She is a seasoned entrepreneur, marketer and executive coach. She focuses on helping coaches, consultants and businesses globally using digital marketing methodologies. Seraphine holds a BA in Psychology and French from St. Thomas University – Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

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