Scandia Home’s new president pledges to invest in digital marketing and new retail markets

LA CROSSE, Wis. —Luxury bedding manufacturer Scandia Home celebrates 50 yearsand anniversary this year with an investment in digital marketing and retail development under new President Susan Wojewoda.

Wojewoda brings over 20 years of experience in the consumer sector to the brands, including working with companies such as Lacoste, Ted Baker, Lilly Pulitzer and Keds.

“Since its inception, Scandia Home has been committed to delivering exceptional quality in both product and customer service,” said Wojewoda. “I see an opportunity to extend the brand’s reach to new consumers, channels and markets while remaining true to its core value proposition – the Scandia difference.”

When consumers became more home-focused products during the pandemic, Scandia Home, known for its high-thread count sheets, goose-down duvets and plush pillows, said it focused on its DTC activity, bolstering digital and social media efforts, including upcoming video and photo shoots. It also plans to expand its company-owned stores into new markets this year, particularly on the West Coast. It currently operates flagship locations in Beverly Hills, Jackson Hole and Palo Alto, as well as a range of select business partners.

The brand subscribes to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) with its ongoing commitment to cruelty-free sourcing of its natural fillings.

“While recognizing consumer needs, the company has remained committed to the pillars of our success, including working exclusively with the best European textile partners and the finest artisans in the industry,” said Wojewoda. “We view our products as an investment in quality that has stood the test of time.”

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