Public media company receives grants to support public stations

BOULDER, Col.—The non-profit strategic consulting firm, Public Media Company, announced that it has received a grant from the Rogers Family Foundation, the Wyncote Foundation, FJC – A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds and other donors who will enable it to work with eight small public media stations that serve diverse and/or rural audiences.

The funding will help her deliver tailored insights and action plans for increased growth and local impact as part of the Impact for All initiative.

The initiative provides participating stations with three personalized data reports (financial analysis report, peer comparison report, audience analysis report), information on the media and technological environment and recommendations for growth.

The information is designed to help station leaders to:

  • Understanding financial performance
  • Compare yourself to your peers
  • Identify and understand your audience
  • Know the public media environment
  • Discover the way forward and
  • Create connections

“We believe that media organizations, regardless of size, deserve access to the information and solutions they need to strengthen their services and succeed in their local communities,” said Erin Moran, CEO of Public Media. Company. “Thanks to the generous support of our funders, we are now able to make this a reality for eight media stations in 2022.”

To learn more about Impact for All and how to participate, visit the Impact for All webpage at

Cathy W. Howerton