PlayUzu Launches Mexican TV and Digital Marketing Campaign

PlayUzu, the Spanish version of PlayOjo, has launched a major television and digital marketing campaign in Mexico.

The campaign will be based on the same slogan, Thumbs Up, which has been used in European markets such as Spain and the UK.

PlayUzu notes that the ad campaign will feature in content embeds in popular Mexican TV shows, as well as standard ads.

PlayUzu suggests its Thumbs Up USP which features a hero character walking down the street with an oversized thumbs up will disrupt the market with its promotional slogan, “the transparent casino”.

The online casino believes it holds a significant market advantage by never imposing wagering requirements and offering players cashback on all bets.

Thumbs Up advertising is expected to have an extended run across the digital ecosystem. PlayUzu indicates the main points of operation; search engines, social media and programmatic sites. The online casino surely hopes that this coverage will have a significant impact on the market.

PlayUzu’s head of marketing said before the release: “We are very excited to finally take this step in Mexico and show our presence in the market through television and other digital media channels.

“We believe the campaign will allow us to compete on an equal footing with other casino operators who have been in the business much longer than us.

“Our disruptive positioning based on always offering real money rewards with a powerful campaign will set PlayUzu in mind, enticing Mexican players to try our amazing brand and casino for the very first time.

Cathy W. Howerton