Perfect partnership: IPL 2022 and digital marketing

A proud history and a post-pandemic future

IPL is back with its 15th season, and as much as it excites the cricketing fraternity, it also gives advertisers and marketers reason to rejoice. IPL started in 2008 and continues to soar in terms of enthusiasm, excitement and brand marketing extravaganza, and this year it will be bigger and better.

This year’s IPL is set to bring the biggest advertising budgets, at a time when we hope to see the end of the Covid era. IPL should bring a wave of enthusiasm and big marketing spend. Brands hoping for “Happy Days” have every reason to make the most of IPL 2022, and it brings good news for TV, print and digital media.

Digital advertising and IPL: what does this team look like?

The past few years have seen an unprecedented upward trend in Digital India. We are seeing a new Unicorn every 5 days, and this wave will also be seen in IPL’s digital spending. Mobile penetrations in India have exceeded all expectations, 4G has connected Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities to the mainstream. This has taken India’s digital audience to another level.

Digital marketing has given brands and advertisers a big new arena of user audiences and with a significant percentage of them being young people, this medium could exceed marketing budgets last year.

Why is digital marketing the right partnership for advertising in IPL?

Nothing can read people’s moods like social and digital media and gives an edge over TV where brands can monitor, assess and make decisions based on the situation. With emotions jumping up and down every time, nothing works better than digital advertising to place your ads according to the mood of the audience.

Key players to watch

Real money games – The Indian Fantasy Gaming sector has been one of the fastest growing segments in recent years. This year’s IPL would give him another shot in the arm and get him into the premium league. With channeled marketing spend, RMG campaigns and brands can make it big.

Short Video Apps – Another local advantage has been captured by short video applications. Over the past two years, they have been a common ground where millions of Indians have shared their moods and emotions in 30 seconds. With strong emotions alongside the biggest cricket event in India, short video apps can reach their users with more innovations and offers.

Crypto Exchange – India is expected to be one of the fastest growing Crypto countries and with a positive government response, this segment is already a major league like IPL. A large portion of crypto users are youth, and people in their early 30s are IPL’s main audience. Advertising at IPL Times is the perfect match for crypto exchanges and platforms.

FMCG products – When is the best time to launch a new product or create a new story? Known as something the whole family watches together, IPL can verify almost any pointer to be a great choice and the best platform for FMCG brands.

New Age Company – India’s new-age industry is making its mark and is among the top contributors to the list of recent unicorn waves. Whether it’s food ordering apps like Swiggy, Zomato, or grocery delivery apps like Zepto and BlinkIt, they all should and will consider IPL and digital media as perfect platforms to reach more of their target audiences.

IPL is nothing less than a ‘Big Fat Event’ in India and connects with India like no other. Combined with innovative digital advertising mediums, this is a great opportunity for brands, advertisers and marketers to showcase their products, connect with audiences and build a narrative that can define success. their brands.

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Cathy W. Howerton