One of Trade Bulletin’s top award-winning digital marketing agencies has been relaunched as GROCKET

Trade Bulletin has undergone a massive makeover and relaunched as BRIDGE. This new business transformation is seen as a revolutionary new approach that will be taken by the company to be a leading company in media and communications marketing. Relaunch is a critical step for any business because even though the business may be successful, in order to expand the consumer base and build brand awareness on a larger scale, some changes are still needed. The relaunch event was a great success and has already created a buzz in the digital marketing network. Early indicators suggest that this was a great decision by the management and marketing team and will surely help the business a lot in the near future.

Trade newsletter over the years

Trade Bulletin has undoubtedly been the best marketing contributor in India for brand promotion and digital marketing for the past 2 years. Founded by Mr Gopesh Khandelwal, at first it was operated on a small scale with many limitations. Trade Bulletin’s team of experts started the business from the ground up and drove it head-on to success. Hard, self-funded, and self-motivated hard work resulted in a fast, efficient, and unique digital marketing service called Trade Bulletin. Today, it is one of the most well-known marketing agencies in India with its reach in almost all business areas. Now, Trade Bulletin is relaunched as GROCKET, marking its first step towards the company’s fresh start.

The concept of GROCKET

The GROCKET brand has a unique and modern origin which means solid, reliable and fast service. It represents the new direction the company has taken to ensure that every brand it creates is strong and beautiful in terms of creativity and potential impact. GRECKET is essentially an upgrade over the Trade Bulletin. According to the head of the company, Trade Bulletin was already successful and had loyal customers with growing positive word of mouth, so a relaunch is a bit of a risky but necessary move. The basic ideology behind the concept is to broaden the horizon of company services and provide customers with a better, faster and improved personalized experience. Although Trade Bulletin has been doing well for the past 2 years, GROCKET will take it to another level and provide a truly global standards level experience.

What’s new at GRECKET

Every brand/business or service matures to a certain level where they find themselves in a comfort zone for a while as growth is steady and profits are consistent. However, this is the exact time to consider stepping ahead and pushing the boundaries. Nowadays, digitization has totally changed the way marketing works. In particular, the impact of social media cannot be ignored and that is what the real future of marketing would be. Thus, Trade Bulletin is now replaced by GROCKET with a larger team of marketing experts, a more global reach and innovative digital marketing techniques along with pre-existing traditional techniques. The simple branding and media marketing services company has now evolved to provide a one stop solution for all online businesses and brands. The company has added new tools such as automating the conversion of cold leads into hot leads, providing out-of-the-box advertising and marketing solutions, collecting hot leads and converting them into actual sales. There is more emphasis on using online marketing tools, social media and digital marketing campaigns that would have a more targeted customer approach, so that every ad or marketing push would genuinely lead to customer interactions .

The future with GRECKET

According to the creator of BRIDGE, the goal is to take the company to the global level. They see it as the first step towards something big in the near future. Going forward, GROCKET will strive to modernize its services and improve its customer experience. The biggest difference will be in customer support after the relaunch as the company expands its workforce and adds new elements across the business workflow as well as customer interaction to service delivery. From the latest updates from GROCKET, it is revealed that in the future, the company will develop a professional networking platform by 2024. The company currently has a major presence in media marketing and was instrumental in the success of its relaunch. Despite all the changes, the core philosophy and work ethic remains the same for new digital marketing sensation GROCKET. The whole team has taken steps in the right direction and they are sure to succeed in the future.

Cathy W. Howerton