#OFMBusinessHour: Digital Marketing Strategies Are Still a Game Changer for Businesses

Natalie Murison, chief operating officer (COO) at Two Tone Global, told OFM Business Hour that companies cannot structure any type of media campaign without having an active social media presence.

Although it’s something that’s been in the public domain for some time, she explains that sentiment has intensified in the wake of Covid-19, with many companies pivoting their marketing spend exclusively towards digital strategies.

Murison says that for their company in particular, digital marketing now accounts for about 60% of Two Tone Global revenue. This comes as the 21-year-old marketing agency has been selected as SABC’s creative agency of choice for marketing the 2022 FIFA World Cup taking place in Qatar.

Covid-19 has forced SA’s e-commerce market to mature

Previously at the OFM Business Hour, Julia Ahlfeldt, customer experience professional and member of the team that researched and wrote the South Africa Digital Customer Experience Report 2021 revealed that SA’s e-commerce market has matured in the wake of Covid-19 with 82% of survey respondents shopping online and 73% of them coming from households with an income of R10,000 or less. This echoes Murison’s assertion that companies have prioritized their marketing spend in digital strategies in the wake of Covid-19.

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Tiktok takes digital marketing to the next level

Murison, who was educated and worked overseas, says businesses can use Tiktok to their advantage through user-generated content that can subtly market a brand successfully.


Cathy W. Howerton