New media company, MidasIndex, launches a beacon of hope for independent creators seeking media coverage

Sacramento, California – July 12, 2022 – With the rise of small businesses and independent creators, standing out has become increasingly difficult. While many new start-ups have social media accounts and try to spread the word by building a strong following online, finding a larger audience through traditional media coverage is usually reserved for those with the deep pockets. funds or venture capital support. Now, a new media company, MidasIndex, is looking to level the playing field so that independent creators and seeders have the same kind of access to media coverage.

MidasIndex is an online newsroom where small business owners can share their press releases, press releases, articles and opinion pieces with a wider audience. MidasIndex currently specializes in news coverage for the independent hacker community. Plans are underway to expand the service to provide coverage for musicians, artists, game developers and other independent creatives. The site also plans to expand into long-form interviews with the brand’s founders.

“While trying to launch a few startups, I found it extremely difficult to get media coverage,” says Jamie Mitchell, founder of MidasIndex. “There are so many phenomenal independent creators out there who have amazing products and services, but they’re just not getting the coverage that will take them from small scale and independent to the attention of customers and investors. MidasIndex aims to bridge that gap and give these independent start-ups the insight they need to take their brand to the next level.”

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