Naomi Osaka and LeBron James New Media Company mocked for their vulgar name

Naomi Osaka had pure intentions in naming it new james lebron-supported media company. Osaka tapped into her Japanese heritage when coming up with the name “Hana Kuma”.

On Tuesday, the decorated tennis champion told the NY Times that the name means “flower bear” in Japanese. But the new media company came under fire on Twitter after African tweeters noted that “Hana Kuma” translates to “woman without a vagina” in Swahili, New York Post reports.

“Naomi Osaka has teamed up with LeBron James to create a media company called Hana Kuma. Well, that name ‘Hana Kuma’ means something different in Swahili. I won’t say that,” said Ugandan journalist Daniel Kibet tweeted.

“Did they do a comprehensive search on the meaning of the name? another user asked. “She should have been well advised [that] it has a very vulgar meaning in Swahili, which is spoken by many people.

“If you keep the #hanakuma name, the name will replace news and stories you want to share,” one user said. urged. “The brand name is already relevant! I suggest a change and also to be a bit respectful of the global culture. Here, it’s not about exaggerating, it’s about protecting a brand!

Once Osaka was made aware of all the controversy surrounding the name of her new media company, she sent out a tweet that seemed to dismiss the slip-up.

“Prayers for all my overthinkers. We will get through it,” she wrote. et-enproomika -on-the-name-of-their-new-media-company%2F

Osaka is a proud Japanese Haitian tennis star who probably didn’t think of Swahili translations when creating the Japanese-inspired brand name. Hana Kuma operates in partnership with James’ SpringHill, an entertainment development and production company.

Osaka aims to use the imprint to tell various stories across the realm of scripted and unscripted television series, documentaries, anime, and branded content.

“What excites me is being able to inspire people and tell new stories, especially ones that I wish I had seen as a kid,” she said of the new venture. “I always wanted to see someone like me.”

Cathy W. Howerton