! Murcia Today – Spanish media company trolls Netflix, Amazon, Hbo and Disney with giant billboard in Madrid

Publication date: 08/11/2022

Atresmedia has publicly criticized the 4 major online TV platforms for including advertising

The big on-demand Internet TV platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus all started out with one big advantage over conventional, linear or free-to-air TV – they had no ads.

And didn’t they just make a song and dance about it, flouting their superiority over traditional TV and saying they would never show ads on their platforms.

That’s why Spanish media giant Atresmedia, one of Spain’s biggest conventional TV companies, which owns channels like Antena 3, La Sexta, Mega and the online Atresplayer, has now blasted Netflix and co. with a huge billboard in the center of Madrid.

The huge advertisement, which covers the entire side of an entire building in Plaza Pedro Zerolo square in Madrid, one of the most central squares in the capital, reads: “This is a message from Atresmedia Television to everyone who said they wouldn’t broadcast advertising: welcome to TV!

The funny thing is that this sentence is written in the different fonts and colors used by platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and Disney, in that order.

Plus, the poster had even more jokes: “We’ve been bringing brands and content together for over thirty years. And that made us the number one television channel in our country. We believe that competition makes us better, so if you have any doubts or need advice, you can write to us.

They then provide a contact email address, [email protected], which translates to [email protected]

Talk about rubbing it!

Image: Archive

Cathy W. Howerton