Media leader that has become the go-to resource for SMEs and freelancers, Bitcatcha launches Spanish version

Singapore, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cordoba, Spain — bitcatcha launches its Spanish version in Spain. The leading media company best known for its unbiased reviews was recently launched in Spanish and is part of the company’s plan to become Spain’s leading media company for businesses. In addition to localizing its service, the brand takes many other steps to make it easier for international freelancers to set up shop to generate business and targeted leads through a number of tools.

Bitcatcha’s CEO said in a statement that “the company is dedicated to providing small businesses and startups in Spain with all the tools they need and guidance to improve their online presence in the country and abroad.” . Bitcatcha’s online testing tool helps website owners figure out what’s blocking their sites and how to fix it. The tools, some of which are free, have helped hundreds of businesses around the world over the years.

In addition to Bitcatcha’s excellent website speed test tool, the official website also publishes tips, advice, and guides in local languages. This means that Spanish speakers will be able to enjoy a vast database of information in a language they are comfortable reading. Plus, it all means that Spanish speakers have the information they need to start running their own online startups.

Readers can learn more about Bitcatcha by visiting the company’s official website at

Bitcatcha’s detailed review of cloud storage providers and other industry tools is based on real use cases and feature comparisons. Detailed testing ensures that readers trust the information provided and can then use it to their advantage. Features reviewed include data protection, ease of use, customer service, and more.

The company is led primarily by a team of highly experienced and reputable Singapore-based SME owners. Each individual brings a particular set of skills and related experiences to the table, which are brought through the company’s website. Experts share their experiences so others can avoid potential pitfalls on the path to growing their business.

The company’s Spanish website will reflect the same style as other languages ​​so readers can expect the same quality and types of reviews. In addition, entrepreneurs can get in touch with the Spain web hosting company through the website.


Bitcatcha is owned by Heyswift Pte Ltd. It is run by an experienced team of professionals who share a common interest in investments, startups, and other aspects of business operations. The company specializes in WordPress marketing, business management, and website building.


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