Magnite’s Sean Buckley on Media Company vs OEM FASTs [Video] —TVREV

Magnite’s Sean Buckley on Media Company vs OEM FASTs [Video] —TVREV


Sean Buckley: So I think this distinction is a very important dynamic in this area of ​​the business. Let’s start with the OEMs. I think they have multiple angles or advantages that they can exploit.

Number one is discovery.

Because FAST apps owned and operated by OEMs or device manufacturers can be so closely tied to the consumer experience. Given that they either own the operating system or the device itself, that obviously gives them an advantage in terms of the discovery process, customer journey, how they turn on their TV, and ease. to access these applications.

And so I think that’s the main inherent advantage of OEMs.

Also, I think from an advertising perspective, OEMs obviously have very unique first party data assets and so they’re able to overlay that first party data, for example, ACR data just on- above that FAST inventory footprint that they also own like through “carrying agreements” or “distribution agreements”. They get a portion of third-party app inventory in exchange for distribution. And it’s a really compelling value proposition for buyers, which means it’s a huge boon for OEMs.

That’s not to say others don’t have first-party data, but I think the capabilities OEMs have are uniquely differentiated. I’m obviously simplifying this, but that’s how I would sum up the OEM situation

Now, FAST apps that have been built or acquired by leading programmers, I think the really unique opportunity is to selectively include a unique content proposition. And obviously, these companies operate from a deep, long-standing content portfolio to choose from.

And I think it might be a draw to have certain aspects of a unique content value proposition where a consumer wants to watch something and now it’s inside that app and it’s pretty transparent to them to use it again or watch something else. And so I think the big draw for programmer-owned FAST apps is their content app.

Cathy W. Howerton