‘MAFS’ Season 15: Who is Justin? A digital marketer previously called off her engagement

When it comes to “Married At First Sight,” there’s no telling how successful a season can be. If anything, you have a better chance of betting on divorces, seeing as most couples end up breaking up after or even during the show! While experts say the vetting process is as thorough as possible, it still seems like some castmates are literally red flags.

It’s no secret that Season 14 had its fair share of ups and downs. While most couples looked great on paper, the truth was far from great. With a not-so-great track record so far, it looks like the odds are definitely stacked against the cast members. However, Season 15 is here and it seems like everyone is feeling pretty optimistic about what’s to come.



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Who is Justin?

Justin is a 33-year-old digital marketer. As reported by People, Justin was raised by a single mother in Mobile, Alabama. An optimist and leader, Justin thinks he would make the “best husband possible”.


What does Justin hope to gain from the series?

Justin’s ‘MAFS’ biography states: “Justin needs help finding a woman who will appreciate him with all her heart. He is a giver and a doer; with the help of the experts, he knows he is will leverage the Married At First Sight experience and be the best husband you can be.”


This season, the pundits paired him with Alexis, who “is ready to commit to one person for the rest of her life and is fully aware that it will take some compromises.” She is authentic, self-aware, good about herself, can recognize her own triggers, and loves the person she has become. She’s ready to risk everything for a chance to find true love.


Interestingly enough, Alexis has been proposed three times before, while Justin called off an engagement a month before the wedding.

Is Justin on Instagram?

It looks like Justin isn’t on social media. However, as with every season of ‘MAFS’, cast members are required to have private profiles until the end of the season.

Season 15 of “Married At First Sight” is scheduled to premiere Wednesday, July 6 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.


Cathy W. Howerton