Let’s be everywhere: take a closer look at onion group’s global brand management business

Yesterday 17:10 (GMT+8)

Since 2018, the Onion Group has been developing its own branded ecological matrix for the young consumer market. It has cooperated with well-known laboratories and research institutes in Europe, Japan and South Korea to develop products and jointly create high-quality own-brand products. So far the private brand matrix built by onion group through investment, merger and acquisition and strategic control, lucabrand has a brand matrix of more than 30 popular brands and a total of 600 SKU products, covering daily necessities, diet, beauty, health care and other daily necessities. Focusing on b-end demand, onion group has also accumulated many years of practical experience: its cross-border e-commerce platform “omall” is a private label entrepreneurship project that has been developing for six years and now has tens of millions of registered users. In addition, the onion group is also preparing to enter the pre-made vegetable business and incubate new brands of pre-made vegetables. Onion Group is committed to corporate branding, including supply chain brand, technology brand and platform brand, to realize the corporate vision of “let us be everywhere”. The Onion Group has been part of the deep supply chain since its inception. The efficient and perfect supply chain system leverages the value of technology, R&D and manufacturing to bring high quality brands and products to the group. “A good brand must have good products,” said Li Cong, the founder. “The mental foundation of a brand comes from fear of R&D and manufacturing.” Taking biotechnology as an example, onion Group continues to seek national laboratories and leading R&D institutions in this field, jointly inject capital into R&D products, and gradually embark on the level of light medicine and beauty.

Cathy W. Howerton