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Tensions rose on the Russian-Ukrainian border over the weekend as the US and UK took a more aggressive stance towards a hardline President Vladimir Putin. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gave Boris Johnson and others a lesson in leadership from the front lines of COVID, and Dr Anthony Fauci offered a cautiously optimistic assessment of the COVID situation in the US on Sunday. United. Meanwhile, Arizona Democrats officially censured Senator Kyrsten Sinema for her stubborn stance against changing Senate filibuster rules. All this and more in today’s APB.


1 – It’s getting hot here

US, UK and EU sink deeper into Russia-Ukraine standoff

After Friday’s inconclusive talks, the international response to a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine intensified over the weekend. With more than 100,000 Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border, the State Department ordered relatives of US diplomats stationed in Kiev to prepare for departure. Senior Pentagon officials have also warned that President Joe Biden plans to deploy thousands of US troops, as well as warships and aircraft, to the region. So far, the United States has exercised restraint for fear of instigating an invasion. Meanwhile, Britain has claimed that Russia plans to install a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine. Russia called the report “disinformation”. (Source: NYT, DW)

2 – Jacinda’s COVID marriage woes

New Zealand PM calls off wedding amid Omicron fears

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has once again reminded the world what true leadership looks like. On Sunday, she announced her wedding would be called off despite gatherings of up to 100 vaccinated people being allowed in the country. While New Zealand – which boasts a 94% vaccination rate for people over 12 and has 52 COVID-related deaths – can thank its remote location, relative prosperity and small population in its success story. COVID, Ardern’s selfless and unwavering leadership was a big factor. “I am no different from…thousands of other New Zealanders who have had far more devastating impacts,” she said. (Source: Reuters, BBC)

3 – Good news finally

Fauci is convinced that the United States will reach its omicron peak in February

“Things are looking good.” Such was Dr. Anthony Fauci’s sunny assessment of the COVID situation in the United States on Sunday. Although the omicron variant has fueled an unprecedented number of cases across the country – with an average of 705,000 new cases per day – the numbers are already dwindling in the Northeast and upper Midwest. While Fauci acknowledged that some southern and western states had yet to peak, he predicted an impending turnaround nationwide, not unlike the steep waves of omicron South Africa suffered. and the UK. Warning of “some pain” for the uncut, Fauci urged Americans to get vaccinated and wear masks, even in schools. (Source: ABC, NYT)

4 – Sinema gets censored

Arizona Democrats reprimand their own in filibuster smash

The Arizona Democratic Party has officially censured Senator Kyrsten Sinema for voting against changing the Senate filibuster rules. Democrats seeking to change the filibuster from 60 votes to 51 to allow them to pass crucial voting rights protections were blocked by Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who voted with all 50 Republican senators. to keep the filibuster at 60. The move underscored growing anger among Democrats, who say Sinema has hobbled President Biden’s agenda. Sinema could face stiff opposition from his party when he bids for re-election in 2024, as activists vow to withhold donations and seek a main liberal challenger. (Source: The hill, NYT )

5 – Briefly

Right here are some things you should know today:

The quadruple Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will not appear in the end. The former prime minister ended weeks of speculation by announcing he would not run for president. (Source: AlJazeera) The Burkina Faso government denies the coup attempt. Gunshots heard at military bases in Ouagadougou and near the president’s house have fueled rumors of a coup attempt, but President Roch Kaboré, whose fate remains a mystery, insists that he is still in power. (Source: BBC) Peruvian government declares 90-day environmental emergency. The La Pampilla refinery blamed freak waves caused by last week’s underwater eruption for 6,000 barrels of crude oil spilling into the Pacific. (Source: DW)

Watch Dr. Fauci

As he delves into vaccines, lockdown compromises, COVID communication… and the next pandemic


1 – Tahiti Underwater Rose Garden

Discovery of a huge intact coral reef off the coast of Tahiti

As Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk settle on the final frontier, scientists explore unknown worlds much closer to home. A UNESCO-led mission to map the ocean floor in French Polynesia discovered a pristine reef of rose-shaped corals at a depth of 100 feet. Coral reefs, typically found in shallower waters, have been decimated by climate change, with at least a 50% decline worldwide since the 1950s. But finding this reef thrives in deeper waters is a source of hope. “We know the surface of the moon better than the depths of the ocean,” said Audrey Azoulay, Director General of UNESCO. (Source: The Guardian)

2 – Freezing a Bowl of French Fish

A French aquarium brand stops selling aquariums because they drive fish crazy

Leading French pet care brand AgroBiothers Laboratoire has announced that it will no longer sell fish bowls because they “drive fish crazy and kill them quickly”, CEO Matthieu Lambeaux said. Goldfish are social creatures that can live up to 30 years in large aquariums or outdoor ponds. But solitary confinement in tiny bowls often leads to death within months. France, Europe’s biggest goldfish market, has refused to follow Germany and other EU countries in banning the bowl. But Lambeaux, whose company sold 50,000 bowls last year, was not comfortable taking advantage of offering children the “opportunity to watch the goldfish slowly die”. (Source: Reuters)

3 – Illinois Glazed Pancakes

Ice creates strange and beautiful formations on Chicago’s Lake Michigan

Pancakes are supposed to be warm and comforting, but the round discs of ice cream pictured in and around Chicago are neither of those things. Ice pancakes, which form when chunks of ice repeatedly collide (hence the raised edges), are common in the Arctic but rarely show up in the Lower 48. The secret recipe, according to Andrea Vander Woude, a researcher at NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, is an extended period of “just below freezing” temperatures with “a bit of wave action.” Take note, photographers; these miracles of nature can disappear in an hour. (Source: CNN, Block Chicago Club )

4 – The conscious monk moves on

Vietnam father of mindfulness and peace envoy dies at 95

Thich Nhat Hanh, the Buddhist monk known as the father of mindfulness, has died aged 95. propagandist” and a four-decade exile from his native Vietnam. Martin Luther King Jr., a close friend, nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize. Hanh has written over 100 books, translated into over 40 languages, including The miracle of mindfulness, who is widely credited with introducing Eastern mindfulness to Western audiences and inspiring a new type of psychotherapy. (Source: WaPo, The Guardian.)

5 – Divisional audacity… and disaster

Late field goals abound as both No. 1 seeds are knocked down

The Kansas City Chiefs outscored the Buffalo Bills 42-36 in an overtime extravaganza late Sunday night, with 25 points scored in the final two minutes of regulation — the most in NFL playoff history. The other three weekend playoff games ended in away wins via late field goals. The San Francisco 49ers pushed the Green Bay Packers out of competition 13-10, while Cincinnati toppled the Tennessee Titans 19-16. In the weekend’s other thriller, the Los Angeles Rams edged defending champions Tampa Bay 30-27. Stay tuned for next Sunday when four is reduced to two. (Source: BBC)


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