Kilowott Elevates Nitish Raikar to CEO to Lead Strategic Brand Management and Global Expansions

~ With over 20 years of experience in leading blue chip companies, Raikar aims to propel the company forward to become a global technology powerhouse.

Kilowott, a leading independent digital agency, has elevated Nitish Raikar from his former role as Chief Operating Officer to Managing Director (CEO) for India and Global. Operations.

Raikar, an engineering graduate and armed with an outstanding experience of over 20 years in blue chip companies such as IBM, Infosys and Mindtree etc. He brings experience in digital services such as IT consulting, app development, business analytics, cloud, mobile apps. and software, including

SaaS development, software testing and user experience design (UED). At Kilowott, Raikar will oversee the ambition to become the nation’s largest digital solutions player and propel the company into a global technology powerhouse.

Speaking of the development, Kilowott Founder Aaron Fernandez said, “We are thrilled to announce Nitish as a partner and CEO of the company. He has earned the respect of his colleagues around the world, who join us today in congratulating him for his extraordinary contributions and unparalleled dedication to the company. Kilowott was built on innovation with a constant focus on customer delight. The 150+ team includes nimble, enthusiastic and passionate artists and we are constantly creating groundbreaking digital solutions to deliver great results for our clients. Nitish will bring us closer to becoming a 500+ strong team and his immense technical expertise will help build Kilowott into a global technology solutions powerhouse.

Speaking about his plans for Kilowott, Nitish Raikar said, “During my career, I have worked with some of the biggest names in the global tech industry. At Kilowott, I want to leverage my experience and grow the organization into a leading digital solutions company in global markets. Kilowott has an exciting portfolio of operations, strong project credentials and incredible growth potential that I seek to be part of.

Raikar, added, “Kilowatt is a high-energy, unconventional agency. From senior management to new hires, everyone is fully aligned with the bigger picture. The company has a dynamic, collaborative and easy work culture that is self-motivated towards growth. I look forward to this exciting new chapter.

About Kilowot:

Created in 2014 by the creative trio of brothers; Caleb Fernandez, Judah Fernandez and Aaron Fernandez, Kilowott is a dynamic strategy, design and digital development company based in Goa. The company has partnered with several internationally recognized brands and Fortune 500 companies. Kilowott provides specialized and personalized digital solutions that help companies expand market coverage, customer engagement and sales turnover. Kilowott is present in North America, Norway, Denmark, Holland and India. 85% of the company’s customers come from abroad and it has managed more than 2,500 projects worldwide. Kilowott now aims to become a digital technology powerhouse and expand to all major international markets.

Cathy W. Howerton