Kantar Launches Brazilian Cross-Media Planning Consultation | New

BRAZIL – Kantar formed an industry-wide consultation on the design and implementation of a cross-media planning initiative in the Brazilian market.

The consultation process will involve representatives from all Brazilian media groups and platforms with the aim of jointly redefining and expanding Kantar’s existing measures for television and online media.

The initiative, which should be in the market at the end of 2022, will build on Kantar’s existing panel and will be further extended by integrating with streaming platforms.

YouTube is the first platform that has agreed to integrate with Kantar’s initiative and builds on Kantar’s existing cross-media performance tool launched last year.

Kantar said he hopes his cross-media planning initiative will help advertisers and agencies improve budget optimization, realizing the industry’s goal of planning campaigns across broadcast platforms, from video to demand and share videos through a single tool.

Subject to the development and finalization of the cross-media solution, it will be made available to all Kantar customers.

lemon balm VogelManaging Director of Kantar Ibope Media Brazil, said, “Data is the foundation of decision-making in the media space and Kantar Ibope Media is making significant progress in unlocking opportunities to realize cross-media solutions.

“Working collaboratively with our clients, we look forward to co-creating an expanded new cross-media planning solution that equips advertisers looking to reach and engage audiences.

“By integrating native video-sharing platforms, we will enrich our knowledge, expand the pool of opportunities and unlock more value for all.”

Cathy W. Howerton