Jose Andrés’ media company expands reach with newsletter and podcasts

Popular leader, author and humanitarian José Andrés joins the ranks of newsletter scribes and podcasters

His media company, José Andrés Media, will launch “Longer Tables”, a new weekly newsletter in partnership with Substack that aims to shine a light on stories that illustrate how food connects people around the world. According to the company. Topics that should be covered early in the company’s story include “The Pots, Pans, and People Who Make a Million Meals” and “What’s in a ‘Real’ paella? 10 ingredients (and nothing else).

Jose Andres Media will also present a “Longer Tables” podcast with Substack, in which Chef Andrés will examine the food lives of notable guests from the worlds of culinary and creative arts, politics and media. Season one guests include Dave Matthews and Ron Howard.

The chef indicated last fall that he wanted to create new works, not all from recipes. José Andrés Media, launched in October, was billed at the time as a production company specializing in unscripted and scripted television series, books, podcasts, and short to medium digital content focused on stories and characters related to food, and the culture of food.

Cathy W. Howerton