India’s Fastest Growing Celebrity Media Company Meet Koduri Kiran Kumar Founder & CEO of Kisra Digital Marketing Pvt. ltd

Koduri Kiran Kumar aka Kisrakiran KISRA (KISRA Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd), founded by Kiran Kumar Koduri, is a digital marketing and celebrity management and brand promotion company, adds a platform mainly in the field of celebrity management celebrities and influencer marketing. It is the right platform where celebrities and influencers can show their potential by allowing them to increase their following and also their income in multitudes. India’s GDP grows 30.5% in the first quarter, the fastest in a year “It’s about being helpful, about being honorable, about being compassionate, about making a difference that you have lived and lived well, that is what makes us human”. With a firm belief in honesty, loyalty and responsibility, and living by words, Kiran Kumar strives to be said example and always thinks of ways to improve what people can do, find ways to merge passion with earnings.

For those who don’t know what influencer marketing is, with the advent of social media, many people have become famous and followed their respective handles. But it is never an easy task as they must be creative, unique and need constant updates. At KISRA, we help these people by making them influencers. We help them advertise the products on their handles and in turn get paid. It’s a win-win solution because brands are looking for something local and something people can relate to. what’s better than influencer marketing? Influencers fill the last mile connectivity in marketing, and KISRA bridges the gap between them. Unlike mass advertising, influencer marketing is precise and surgical in nature. It is measurable. Measurable in the sense, leads generated, conversion rates, reach of the particular product are all quantified and analyzed. With the ever-increasing competition in many industries, huge marketing expenses are no, but it is a lifeline nonetheless.

The influencer bridges this by having a targeted audience that leads to better conversion. Digital marketing and influencer marketing have the advantages of being popular, widespread, that people can connect with, being affordable, and increasing brand loyalty. With a large league of influencers with KISRA, the company is focused on converting leads generated by clicks from posts and stories on Instagram. Instagram, as we all know, is the largest social media platform, only succeeding its parent company Facebook. KISRA customizes advertising packages that reach the target population with precision and accuracy. KISRA has the unique selling proposition of being able to reach the brand target in record time while fulfilling them with the advertising needs they have. Marketing plays a very important role in product reach for any business. Advertising agencies in metropolitan cities do the job, but to achieve last mile connectivity, KISRA plays a major role. With a diverse management team, KISRA again has the unique advantage of being able to address and view a specific gap in connectivity from different angles, making them leaders in this niche.

KISRA always strives to be the best. And it is the best with many multinationals such as LG, a leading consumer electronics brand. They recently launched the True Note TWS headphones and KISRA has played a vital role in digital marketing. Along with many other familiar companies such as Apollo Hospitals, Brand Factory, Spencer’s, Roblox, Rummy Culture, Pari Match News, Meesho, Rapido, Universal Studios, India Bulls Dhani, Vivo, Lanistar, a fintech company, MOJ, Josh, McDowell’s , Rizzle TV, Kite, a celebrity wishlist platform and many more. With SEO, analysis and detailed project management with distinct timeline and milestones, KISRA works across a wide range of industries i.e. Real Estate, FMGC, Manufacturing, Fashion and beauty, the success of KISRA is definitely inevitable. This is a small part of the much larger KISRA.

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