Humor and Digital Marketing: A Big Smile and Happiness for New Age Customers

A Big Smile and Happiness by Humor Marketing

Many customers these days prefer brands that are funny or humorous, and they are likely to spend and relate more to brands that make them smile and laugh.

BANGKOK, BANGKOK, THAILAND, June 24, 2022 / — After the world faced hard times and stress for 2 years in a pandemic situation, social media has become what makes people happy. According Oracle and Gretchen Rubin, research shows that “88% of people seek out new experiences to make them smile and laugh” and as the world enters the new normal phase, consumers seek more happiness and laughter. According to a study, “91% of people prefer brands to be funny and 72% would choose a brand that uses humor over competition.” Humor marketing is one of the strategies brands can use to engage customers, create happiness, laughter, and attract more new customers. However, research shows that “95% of business leaders fear using humor in customer interactions,” which likely contrasts with customer behavior in research.

Additionally, research indicates that people who seek happiness are willing to pay more if brands can make them smile or laugh because “More than half (53%) wish money could buy happiness, with 78 %willing to pay more for true happiness” of these stats may cause many brands to change their point of view and use humor to increase revenue and improve customer relationship, besides these benefits, if brands use the humor with digital marketing, it can especially double sales and brand reputation that many brands have never thought of before also, it helps to improve certain marketing channels to be more effective as well.

Brands have the opportunity to catch customers’ eyes by creating humorous online ads, research shows “90% are more likely to remember funny ads, but business leaders said only 20% of ads offline of their brands (TV, billboards) and 18% of their online ads actively use humor.” Therefore, if brands have the idea to create a campaign with online ads on platforms social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or others to increase visibility, brand awareness or target new customers, creating funny or humorous ads can grab customers’ attention and stop scrolling their phone to watch Additionally, it helps with CTR (Click Through Rate) to create brand awareness and customer engagement until they receive more revenue.

Humor helps improve email marketing, many brands may have had issues with open rates and received lower responses than expected. Research indicates that “69% of people would open an email from a brand if the subject line was funnier, but only 24% of business leaders said they actively use humor in email campaigns marketing”. So it is very necessary to pay attention to creative thinking to create a funny subject line for email marketing to catch customers’ attention at first sight, because the notification time of emails that get display on the screen when using the mobile phone is short. Therefore, brands should focus on creating funny subject lines until they can grab the user’s attention and can click to open the email, this will help solve the problem of low email open rates and will increase the number of replies to be even better. .

Additionally, social media interaction is another effective strategy for building customer relationships, according to research that “75% of people would follow a brand if it’s fun on its social media, but only 15% of business leaders said their brand is humorous on social media “and nowadays social media has a huge influence in building brand image, therefore brands should take some time to speaking with customers and citizens online, such as responding to customer comments or people via Twitter or Facebook, teasing or joking people online with respect, etc. Social media interaction is capable of building relationships between customers and brands. Additionally, the research also indicates that “48% of people don’t believe they have a relationship with a brand unless it makes them smile or laugh and 41% would walk away from a brand if it doesn’t make them laugh or smile regularly.” Social media interaction strengthens customer and brand relationships, and also creates a friendly brand image that brings more authority, maintains customer bases, and increases new customers on the basis of research that “80% of people are more likely to buy from the brand again if a brand uses humor, 80% recommend the brand to family and friends, and 72% choose the brand instead than the competition, and 63% spend more with a brand”

Many brands may see humor marketing as a strategy that can damage their brand image and make the brand look unreliable like a clown and people will laugh at the brand. So many brands avoid using humor in customer relationship building and marketing. On the other hand, this strategy is “less but more” which can double sales and it can even go viral on social networks which enhances the image of the brand as a “Happy Brand”, and also strengthens relationships. with customers over the long term. Now, there aren’t many brands that use humor to create smiles and laughs for people. However, this strategy is gaining more and more popularity day by day, so if a brand wants to double its sales and stay above its competitors or intends to maintain good relationship with old clientele while attracting new customers at the same time, “humor marketing” is a very interesting strategy at the moment.

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