Hotel Digital Paid Media Planning

Budget season is upon us. Feeling stuck in your paid media campaigns for your hotels?

Founder, Stephanie Smith, in her presentation, talks about different paid media strategies and budgets for your hotel.

There is no single magic formula that will bring your perfect guest at the perfect time and at the perfect rate.

Before Developing Your Paid Media Plan

Before you start planning your 2023 digital advertising spend, you need to know what works and what doesn’t.

Please try not to take last year’s expenses and increase by X%. Making decisions in the past 2 years will not be fruitful.

I promise if you can give them a solid WHY, you’ll get better buy-in.

Do you really understand the different stories told (or not) of your hotel through all its online channels?

Are your spends based on filling gaps across the entire customer journey? Are there certain areas that prohibit poor performance or rankings?

Do you have a combination of health channels? How is your channel mix compared to the overall competition?

Do you take seasonality into account?

Understand each paid media channel

Once you’ve answered the questions above and understood your opportunities, it’s time to understand the KPIs you want to impact and the goals you want to achieve.

With each chain, consider:

When to use: It depends on the void you have to fill….

What is the point : Options may relate to awareness, engagement, website traffic, specific audience targeting, channel switching,

Who are you targeting: Options can be transient guests, meeting planners, regular guests, former website users, users with specific interests, users in specific locations, guests of your competitors. The list continues.

Add more tools to your Hotel Paid Media Toolbox

Here are some tools to consider adding to your arsenal. Some you know, some you may not know.

  • OTA Ads – Everyone’s go-to is Expedia TravelAds, but you can also run ads. They usually spend less but sometimes have a higher ROAS
  • Metasearch – Change of channel from OTA to Direct. (Don’t spend here if you don’t need it!)
  • Sponsored Ads – Gain visibility through higher placement on sites such as TripAdvisor, Kayak and Google Property Promoted Ads
  • Social Media Ads – Excellent niche targeting that is cost effective for targeting specific transitional segments
  • Advertising by e-mail – Different options here depending on your brand and if you want to target new visiting guests, past guests or meeting planners
  • Google AdWords (Search Engine Marketing) – When your organic presence is struggling or targeting terms you will never rank for
  • Show announcements – Many different vendors and use cases here depending on your brand and target market. Great for building brand awareness or exposure, as it’s usually at the top of the funnel channel
  • Targeting by device ID – A type of display ads that uses your mobile phone to determine physical location over the past 18 months. Examples of use cases are your previous guests (or those of your competitors), airport travelers, event/convention attendees, etc.
  • Remarketing – A type of display that reminds users of your hotel and encourages them to book, AKA “stalker” ads

Hotel Paid Digital Media Planning Webinar

Watch the full presentation (about 30 minutes) below.

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