Gurpreet Singh of One Digital Entertainment

As the creator economy flourishes in the digital age and branded content accelerates, identifying and providing platforms to meet all possible creator needs has helped One Digital Entertainment become a full-lifecycle media group, according to Gurpreet. Singh, its COO and co-founder.

With an eye for expansion ingrained in its DNA, One Digital has taken several steps to foray into the Web3 ecosystem and reaffirm its position as a global media company while remaining true to the digital ecosystem.

Elaborating on the company’s future acquisition plans, Singh said anything in the digital ecosystem that has to do with content creators and communities are where One Digital is considering acquiring. “What helps in such acquisitions is the fact that we meet all the needs of content creators, from planning and strategizing video content to producing, syndicating and distributing that content. So integrating creators, brands, and platforms into our stack of services and capabilities is seamless,” adds Singh.

“Since One Digital Entertainment launched in 2012, I’ve been very optimistic because I knew how things had changed over the previous decade. We had faith in ourselves that we would be one of the leaders in the country and we wanted to get started right away, and so far it has gone well according to our plans,” Singh said.

He also shared that One Digital Entertainment currently manages over 15,000 content creators, across genres of music, fashion, food, Bollywood, comedy and lifestyle, and partners with over 20 billion minutes of content viewed on YouTube as the largest certified multi-channel network in Asia. and possibly one of the largest in the world.

Furthermore, he also pointed out that what has worked for One Digital Entertainment over the past decade is their understanding of the relationship between content and audience which ultimately charts an effective growth path. leading to monetization. Singh commented, “We have always believed in following talents very closely and making them into superstars, because the growth in the number of connections and the type of connections any creator would have with their fans should naturally become stronger and can be monetized. against real value creation for our partner brands.

Singh also pointed out that One Digital Entertainment started building the creator economy a decade ago, when this current buzzword wasn’t even coined.

“Once we start grooming and turning content creators into mega superstars, it helps build IPs and brand extensions, because you need to have all those communities to consume content, whether it’s on the platform -form of creators or even on your own media platforms,” ​​he added. .

“There are creators behind whom we have invested time, capital and energy for years, before we even started to monetize their presence. The content creation journey has its own pre-revenue gestation period and we knew that early on,” he said.

Citing an example of Prajakta Koli aka MOSTLYSANE, Singh said, “Prajakta is one of our proudest and most successful stories. We spotted her when she was working at a radio station and from there we started to develop her digital presence and later her brand. Our goal was to first build the creator with their content and then build communities around them. In the case of Prajakta, the journey continues not only with monetization, but also with global associations such as the United Nations Development Program and the Gates Foundation, among others.

Additionally, he also pointed out that initially most digital content revenue came from Platform Ads and since then it has now shifted to a mix of ads and branded content.

“As brands started integrating their content into respective creator channels, branded content started to make up a larger portion of revenue generation for creators and other opportunities accounted for almost 20-25%,” Singh said.

Singh also pointed out that One Digital Entertainment, through its PR mechanisms, also makes sure its content creators are seen and talked about, followed by the One Digital business team who pitch concepts to brands and wrap up. agreements with them for creators.

In a bid to open up more engagements and monetary opportunities for creators in their communities, the digital media company has also launched an online merchandising marketplace – MerchGarage – which is uniquely positioned to offer artists a portfolio of 100+ products that can be customized and sold on the respective creator’s site on their platform. The platform was designed to handle high scalability and allow multiple custom creator e-commerce stores to run simultaneously.

“We started this adventure because we know that all creators are what they are today only thanks to the people who watch them and since the bond between them is very strong, the creators do not want their fans or their communities feel that something is not of the highest quality, so we control the whole experience through MerchGarage,” Singh said.

In addition, social commerce has also seen a significant increase in the merchandising ecosystem and will be one of One Digital Entertainment’s main revenue pillars, according to Singh.

Asked what makes MerchGarage stand out from other social commerce platforms, Singh replied that since they are on the cutting edge of talent, technology and media and now power a end to end with large scale capabilities where they own the complete value chain, this will be a game changer in the social commerce space.

Additionally, keeping the needs of creators in mind, One Digital Entertainment has also launched its own podcasting platform – “Pod.One”, in which they provide the entire creative, production, outreach and marketing for creators who want to manage their own podcasts. and help them get onboard commercially on major audio streaming platforms like Spotify, Audible, etc.

Asked how One Digital Entertainment manages to do a plethora of things in the creator ecosystem, Singh pointed out that this is possible thanks to the team which consists of a mixture of cross-functional and compartmentalized resources spread across multiple departments like artist management, creations, production, studion, sales and marketing. Each of these departments has an additional division to improve the precision of the tasks and distribute the emphasis on the main objectives.

In closing, Singh also pointed out that even though One Digital has been around for a decade, he feels they are still in their infancy and the goal is to stay true to their ever-growing vision to become that they aspire to become.

Cathy W. Howerton