Frontify brand management platform raises $ 8.3 million led by Blossom Capital – TechCrunch

Frontify, the Swiss startup that has built a ‘brand management platform’, has raised $ 8.3 million in Series A funding. Blossom Capital, the new London-based venture capital firm co-founded by the ex-Index and LocalGlobe VC Ophelia Brown, leads the round. Previous Frontify investors include Doodle co-founder Myke Naef, former Googler Thomas Duebendorfer and Cédric Waldburger of Tenderloin Ventures.

Founded in 2013 by CTO Roger Dudler – and based in the Swiss city of St. Gallen, nothing less – Frontify is software as a service that helps businesses manage their branding more consistently and efficiently. SaaS provides an organization’s employees with access to an “always up to date” brand portal, media library, template library, and style guides. It is primarily aimed at marketing and branding teams, but is also smartly designed to include designers and software engineers, so that all respective people in a company can collaborate internally and externally on content from Brand.

The premise, as articulated by Brown of Blossom Capital, is that in an age of social media and a plethora of content channels, it’s more important than ever for companies to cultivate and protect their brand. Better brand consistency helps build trust and long-term value, which helps companies stay competitive without having to participate in a race to the bottom, especially in terms of positioning against competitors and pricing. . In other words, premium pricing can only be achieved with a premium brand, in addition to providing high quality products and services, of course.

“In today’s fast-paced world, sending static PDF brand directives via email or using a DAM [digital asset manager], is not enough to maintain brand consistency across all communication channels, ”Andreas Fischler, CEO of Frontify, told me when asked to explain the problem. “With Frontify, we aim to create a brand management platform that enables everyone in a business to create beautiful, brand-consistent content.”

To this end, the Frontify platform includes five main features: The ability to create a “Style Guide” (online brand guidelines); a “UI Pattern Library” (a library of patterns for front-end code / design systems); “Digital Asset Management” (a place to store all of a brand’s digital assets, such as logo, etc.); a ‘workspace’ (for digital brand collaboration) and an ‘edit’ (a way for employees to create template-based ‘on-brand’ content, all in a web browser).

“With Frontify, all brand touch points can be aligned, allowing companies to communicate and operate with greater brand consistency,” adds Fischler. “This leads to a stronger brand, which allows businesses to raise prices, achieve better margins, attract the best employees and spread through word of mouth – fueling business growth.” .

To that end, Fischler says the new A-Series will be used to further develop the Frontify product suite and expand into the United States, including opening an office in New York (you can only get so far from Saint -Gall). The startup’s biggest markets to date are the US, UK, Germany, and Switzerland. In addition to the United States, it also plans to expand into the Benelux, Northern Europe, Latin America, Spain and France.

Frontify already claims “several hundred corporate clients”. They include Lufthansa, IBM, Allianz, Vodafone and Deliveroo. The Swiss startup has also partnered with some of the world’s leading agencies, including Interbrand, Sapient, Bold and Praekelt.

Meanwhile, regarding competitors, Fischler said, “Most of our competitors have their roots in digital asset management and are still focused on this topic. We believe that using a DAM is only a small part of creating cohesive brand experiences for all touch points. Brand management is more important than that. We believe in providing everyone in an organization with the ability to create brand consistent content in day to day work. Whatever department you work in. We aim to deliver entire brand universes at the fingertips of every employee; a complete brand management solution. For all sizes of business ”.

Cathy W. Howerton