Experts discuss digital marketing for Christmas 2022

London, UK, Nov. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The festive season is right around the corner, and in the world of digital marketing, it’s coming much earlier than most. Also, it’s happening earlier every year, especially for B2C e-commerce businesses that usually have a lot of competition and want to stand out while offering attractive promotions.

Yuletide is undoubtedly an important time of year for marketing campaigns – and an incredibly lucrative time. The success of the holiday season, however, largely depends on your seasonal marketing efforts and when they begin. So, for those who want to do it right and drive lots of traffic, when should you start? What should you do?

The digital marketing experts at The Brains have put together a guide outlining everything business owners need to know about Christmas marketing, including when to start efforts, how to plan, and how to get started. The guide includes a Christmas digital marketing checklist to help you stay on track and maximize your success. The full guide is available here:

Speaking of festive digital marketing, James Speyer, SEO Manager at The Brains, says:

“Christmas is a time when many businesses are likely to realize huge returns on investment, but only if their campaigns are executed professionally. The key to digital marketing at Christmas is preparation. any other digital marketing strategy, but you should keep in mind that early preparation is even more essential due to the influx of customers you are likely to see.

  • James Speyer, The Brains

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