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The scope of digital marketing is very broad. According to digital marketing statistics, around 60% of the world’s population uses the internet. It has increased by 20% over the past two years due to the pandemic, with many businesses going online.

It is therefore safe to say that it is the fastest growing form of marketing due to its wide reach, visibility and measurability of results. Very quickly, it is on the way to becoming the main objective of all advertisers. With digital marketing come the digital marketers who help others grow their business! And today we are going to talk about one such entrepreneur who is a marketing strategist on the digital platform – Navid Noor

In the growth of any business, the most important role is played by the founder. It is said that if the founder is creative and visionary then even if the company is ordinary, it can evolve to become extraordinary! Entrepreneur Navid Noor is an excellent brand strategist and digital marketer. He is the founder of purpleZ-Think Business, a leading digital marketing agency based in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Toronto that works with game-changing brands, inspired businesses, and global influencers providing services honest, tailor-made and multi-channel digital marketing solutions.

The purpleZ-Think BusinessCore strategic engagements are designed to deliver results ranging from branding that brings your story to life, to platform design that drives engagement, and campaigns that drive consumer action. Born out of a desire to bridge the brand-influencer-marketer gap, purpleZ-Think Business offers a 360° marketing agency with a warm vibe and friendly atmosphere that is committed to helping brands reach new heights while bringing top influencer talent into the limelight. Their vision is to become a company where sustainability is truly integrated through knowledge, commitment, collaboration and innovation.

Entrepreneur Navid Noor ensures the organization works to build relationships and share your company values ​​with well-crafted content tailored to your brand and target audience. “We at purpleZ-Think Business, accelerate your business growth and profits with proven digital marketing methods including SEO, Display and Video Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Email, SMS, CRM, etc They aim to increase your return on investment with digital marketing solutions provided by experts. says entrepreneur Navid Noor. The digital marketing agency provides services such as growth and strategy, web design, e-commerce and mobile, digital marketing, brand marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. With their help, businesses of all sizes can find new ways to communicate with customers. They can do this through what they’ve built – global reach, local execution, armed with a market-leading set of products and our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

purpleZ-Think Business helps you become visible by bringing your brand to life with digital communication that tells a story and exploits the potential of tools, technology and social networks, conveys your values, your ideas, your offers and much more Again. According to entrepreneur Navid Noor, a comprehensive communications strategy is a great way for a business to grow. Refining your strategies to your target audience is even better. While you make marketing and e-marketing your core brand assets, purpleZ-Think Business helps you with all this. Additionally, purpleZ-Think Business provides business solutions in the form of Start-ups, Brand Reputation Package and Outsourced Marketing. Due to their efficiency and popularity, they have a long and happy list of clients, including Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Siemens, Apollo Couriers, Farmers Insurance and FBR Construction, etc. If you want to know more about purpleZ-Think Business, you can also check out their portfolio and blog!

Every day, thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs launch their startups, but most of them fail and fail to make a name for themselves. Most people think about the difficulties of starting a business and end up giving up before they even realize it. But that shouldn’t be your deterrent to exploring new ventures. According to entrepreneur and digital marketing expert – Navid Noor, “The problem that majority of the people are facing in the world is that they work hard but still cannot get the desired results because the very idea to succeed has changed.” Furthermore, he states that “being digitally updated” is an important concept that people leave behind or don’t focus on. He says, “Nowadays, in an age where even a kid has a smartphone, you need to make sure your business pops up every time someone scrolls through their social media feed.”

Entrepreneur Navid Noor has a magical track record of achieving exponential increases in profits. He has helped raise numerous Fortune 500 companies and has won over 20 marketing awards. Entrepreneur Navid had started with nothing and moved to the United States when he was 30 years old. “With $6,800 in my pocket, I had to work hard to achieve my dreams. Long days and sleepless nights can define my struggle to a large extent. With no corporate backing and few known faces in the US, I had to make my way as a digital marketer. It was not easy to set up and manage offices in 5 different regions around the world, but through patience, perseverance, hard work and, of course, the help of the All- Powerful,” says Navid Noor. Having done his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and his master’s degree in management, entrepreneur Navid Noor is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to digital marketing. He often involves himself in revitalizing work performance with strong management to achieve reasonable gains – “Our core strategic engagements are designed to deliver results, from branding that brings your story to life, to platform design that drives engagement and campaigns that drive consumer action.” says Navid Noor So, whether it’s a businessman starting out or a brand looking to evolve, Navid Noor helps them grow in the direction they want.

According to Navid Noor, to achieve his goals, a person must be very explicit and clearly defined. With years of experience in entrepreneurship, Navid Noor is a keynote speaker and motivator. Since he is a prolific influencer, he also creates educational content for social media. He has over 103,000 followers on his Instagram account and his content is loved by his audience based in different parts of the world. He organizes several events in which he talks about his experience in entrepreneurship and on ways to get out of life of struggle. He often states that his goal is to influence the younger generation and inspire people to take action that would help them do something from their businesses.

Navid Nour – www.navidnoor.com

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