Emerging media company launches one-of-a-kind news platform “News DropBox”

New Delhi [India], Oct 28 (ANI/GPRC): One of the renowned media companies, City Angle Network Pvt. ltd. launches a single app called (https://apps.apple.com/in/app/news-dropbox/id6443692657) News DropBox. The app is available for free on the App Store and is a one-of-a-kind platform that aims to stop the wide spread of fake news and boost the flow of authentic information on ever-expanding digital media. The platform comes with the unique feature of allowing all users to submit news articles for publication and fact-checking. It was originally launched on WhatsApp. On Whatsapp, he daily broadcast information to more than 50,000 subscribers. News DropBox has now been launched as an app to reach the next height, following its huge success.

In the era of widespread internet and social media, the circulation of fake news and misinformation in India has steadily increased over the past few years. The manipulation of social media and search engine algorithms to reach large audiences and mislead information consumers is a global trend, sometimes resulting in massive destruction of public property and sometimes national harmony. In this scenario, the company has brought its unique News DropBox platform to make authentic news the new trend. The app, as the name suggests, functions as a dropbox where users can submit information for publication and/or fact-checking.

“Having worked as a brand strategist and political analyst, I have not only seen the rise of fake news, but I have also witnessed the damaging effects of such misleading information firsthand. As the internet penetrates deep into the demographics of our country, it is high time we address the problem of fake news and do our best to put an end to it. The idea behind News DropBox is simple yet revolutionary. The platform plans to kill the circulation of fake news and adulterated news by leveraging the power of fact-checking and news authentication. It also intends to spread awareness about the scams going on in our country,” adds Yash Sharma.

Yash Sharma is a Brand Strategist, Policy Analyst and Advisor, Media Advisor and Branding Consultant with extensive experience in the publishing and media industry. He is editor of News DropBox and director of The City Angle Magazine, a print magazine based in Rajasthan. Starting in 2009 as a photographer, he has worked as a photographer, editor, social media strategist and branding consultant. aIn fact, he has been associated with over 50 brands as a brand consultant. Yash has helped over 100 small businesses build their internet presence and increase internet sales. Furthermore, he also taught them how to use online payment models such as Paytm and Gpay to further the vision of Digital India. He is also a talented photographer with a fairly rich and extensive fan base.

With the introduction of 5G in India, our social media experience is going to change forever. 5G will bring a new dimension to the way we interact with social media and consume content. As a social media and branding expert, Yash is aware of what 5G has to offer. So he’s ready to harness his power for the greater good through a newly launched app.

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Cathy W. Howerton