Donald Trump’s media company wants to create a MAGA alternative to Netflix

The Twitter alternative launched in February by the former of President Trump The media company is yet to set the social media world on fire, with Trump not using its upstart Truth Social service at all. However, Trump Media and Technology Group is already targeting another business target: streaming original video content, like Netflix.

and Disney+.

Trump’s media conglomerate has posted job openings looking for two professionals to help get such an effort off the ground. The roles are for one “content development manager” and “content acquisition professionalfor TMTG+, a new streaming service the company is launching. I’ve reached out to the organization for comment and will include any response shared by the company, but at least we already have an outline of the plans here based on the job descriptions alone.

The duties of the position for the leading role include the development of “internal concepts for original unscripted content, short series, episodes and specials” as well as the management “of a rotating list of development projects, including paper development, casting and pilots”. As for the second role, the responsibilities listed here include content licensing and acquisition.

This professional will also “negotiate distribution rights” and “participate in all aspects of new business development (deal research, financial analysis and forecasting, drafting term sheets, drafting detailed forms, negotiating contracts, closing, managing continuing relationships, etc.)”

TMTG’s job posting continues, “This is an exciting opportunity for someone to put their stamp on a new and exciting SVOD platform.”

In the meantime, it goes without saying that building a media content business from scratch will prove to be an order of magnitude more complex than building a property like a social network, or its equivalent. It is difficult, of course, but not impossible. In fact, there is already a model of this type of effort that works – at least, that works quite well in the conservative media right now. It’s just an open question whether TMTG has what it takes to pull this off.

For an existing example, one can look to The Daily Wire, which has grown beyond a largely news and commentary-focused web property, with a huge social media presence, to now also encompass books (the site recently launched a book publishing brand), as well as direct-to-consumer products, such as Jeremy’s Razors, and original subscriber-only programming.

I met Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing a few weeks ago, and he told me that the site had, at the time, almost 600,000 subscribers paying for one of three membership levels. As for SVOD content — which Trump’s media company also wants to dabble in — the Daily Wire’s films include his feature debut Run Hide Fight, described as “sleek and compulsively watchable” by The Hollywood Reporter.

A western directed by The Daily Wire’s Gina Carano, Terror on the Prairie, is coming this summer. And the company released a new trailer at an MMA event just a few days ago.

The path his company has chosen, Boreing told me, is to avoid making controversial films. In other words, these are not “message” films, but rather entertainment for entertainment’s sake – of a genre that might as well have ended up in your local multiplex rather than the walled garden of the Daily Wire. .

What will make such an already capital-intensive and creatively demanding effort on TMTG’s part all the more difficult are the implications of what the first T in the acronym stands for. According to sources, Trump has gone from not posting much publicly on Truth Social to harassing people about “what’s going on (expletive)” with TMTG, the company he is ostensibly responsible for – and, to the point about his ambitions streaming company, he also reportedly privately complained about wanting to be more of a force in the streaming world like the Obamas with their Netflix pact.

Either way, Trump’s company filed documentation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (related to the company’s fall IPO) that hinted at its “unawakened” streaming ambitions. against TMTG+. Among other things, this documentation identifies Scott St. John, a former NBC producer whose credits include NBC’s game show Deal or No Deal, as a key programming executive for TMTG+.

Cathy W. Howerton