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Change: an act or process in which something becomes different.

Changes in life can be unpredictable and often unavoidable, but some changes are planned and calculated in order to develop and improve something. In this case, the “something” is me!

Hello, I’m Rosey: Browser Media’s new junior account manager. Switching to digital marketing is a big step up from my previous job, but this change has opened up many new opportunities for my personal and professional growth.

Before I started with Browser Media, I had taken online courses and certifications to get a basic understanding of digital marketing, but learning something on paper pales in comparison to using knowledge in the real world. . During these first few weeks, I explored many different aspects of the marketing world; it feels like there is so much to learn, but is there a better way to learn than by doing? I do not think so.

Starting a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for those who don’t particularly like big changes in their lives (me!). As this is only my third week working with the company, I am still adapting to new people, concepts and procedures. I was very lucky to have received such a warm welcome from everyone at Browser Media, each individual having a wealth of industry expertise that I look forward to exploring!

If you keep up to date with Browser Media’s blog posts, you’ll know that the team shares a lot of information and advice on marketing processes. The team has a vast knowledge base and each individual has been organizing and perfecting their marketing strategies for years. While you may have read many of their opinions in previous blog posts, I thought it would be interesting to ask each team member what their favorite aspect of the industry is. Digital marketing falls under a wide spectrum, with every day in the office encompassing a different task for a different client industry. It really keeps you on your toes.

For me, a complete beginner, I’ve definitely enjoyed the content writing aspect the most so far. It could be my inner child (who loved creative writing) excited about writing again, finding familiarity and comfort in the writing process. The research aspect also piqued my interest as I have a deep passion and desire to learn. Over the past three weeks, I’ve been researching some niches for clients, which has highlighted just how much my knowledge base will grow over the course of my career. Plus, who doesn’t love some pub quiz style facts? Throughout my life, my dad and I have enjoyed sharing random and seemingly useless knowledge (he’s the king of useless facts and likes everyone to know it). Here are some of my favorites:

  • The “Hawaiian” pizza was created by a Greek-Canadian.
  • Rhubarb can grow so fast that you can physically hear it grow.
  • The number of unique ways to shuffle a deck of cards is greater than the number of atoms currently making up the Earth (5252).

Here’s what the rest of the Browser Media team has to say about their favorite aspect of digital marketing:

Joe Friedlein, Founder and CEO“I think my angle would be digital marketing accountability. I like the fact that you can measure, in detail, the activity on a website and you can see (in real time) the effects of a marketing campaign Digital is quite unique in that regard. It’s nice to see the direct effect of what you’re doing.

Ali Cort, Director of Client Services“Storytelling via great content, owned or earned.”

Vic Spall, Account Manager“Clients I manage have services spanning SEO, PPC, social media, email, analytics and website management, so every day in the office is different for me. Someday I do one in-depth content audit, another I’m fixing technical issues, and the next day I’m setting up and running tests in Google Ads I can’t think of many jobs where the tasks you perform change from day to day, but variety is what interests me and pushes me to learn new things. »

Kerry Sheahan, Senior Account Manager“I love outreach, especially looking around to see what’s already been written, how we might add something new, and then pitch an idea to an editor or reporter and get that ‘yes’ (I think that’s the “yes” I like the most!) There’s a challenge in chasing opportunities that tick both the PR and SEO box, so I think there’s has an element of the thrill of the hunt about it, but i’ve also always been interested in being on the other side of things – for example being the editor or the reporter, so it’s like stepping into that world without giving up on marketing.

Will Greenwood, Account Manager “For me, it would be the creative side and having to think outside the box to make a campaign stand out, that’s what I enjoy the most. Plus, being able to see a campaign from start to finish, planning, application, and then being able to see analytics to see results at the end. »

Ashleigh Davison, Bidding Media Manager“My favorite thing about paid marketing is that it’s constantly evolving, so there’s always something new to learn. Whether it’s a new platform, type of campaign/ announcement, bidding strategy, etc., there is always something new to learn and experiment with.”

I think it’s really interesting how each member of the team has a different opinion on why they love digital marketing. Even though some of us have made similar points, it seems that everyone has a unique way of finding satisfaction in their work, whether it’s writing strong content or watching a campaign unfold, yielding positive results. .

I am very excited to see what my future in marketing holds for me.

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Cathy W. Howerton