In this brief and informal chat with CHIRAG SOLANKI, we aim to learn more about him and the business strategies he believes in.

CHIRAG SOLANKI is a nationally recognized and established digital marketing expert and entrepreneur. It belongs to DELHI in INDIA. At a very young age, Chirag Solanki garnered a lot of public appreciation for the quality and professionalism he continued to deliver through his work in the digital marketing industry.

He is the founder and CEO of ‘Orite_media’ and provides digital and online marketing services and solutions to a valued clientele of artists, Bollywood celebrities, brands and social media personalities.

In this brief and informal chat with Chirag Solanki, we aim to learn more about him and the business strategies he believes in.

Can you tell us what prompted you to choose to become an entrepreneur?

Honestly, when I started studying and learning digital marketing skills and techniques, I had no idea I would become an entrepreneur. All I had in mind at the time was to bring value to people and build their brand image online. I did a lot of freelancing in the beginning and it wasn’t until I saw a steady stream of clients that I decided to start ORITE_MEDIA’ Now that I’ve become a digital marketing entrepreneur, I’m very grateful.

How important do you think digital marketing is for a business?

In this era of rapid globalization, I believe that not having an online presence can be detrimental to business. Today, any reputable brand and company is expected to have online visibility. This not only improves your credibility, but also your reach in the market.

Generally speaking, what are the most in-demand best digital marketing strategies these days? How do you manage them for your customers?

I can’t really identify any. Different people, brands, and businesses have different ideas of what they want from their marketing strategy. Some businesses want to be qualified leads to visit their websites, while others just want to increase traffic. At ‘ORITE_MEDIA’, we are extremely adaptable to the requirements of our customers.

I personally ensure that the digital marketing and promotion strategy that I propose to them is in perfect harmony with the image of the result they have in mind. Our techniques are not only extensive but also customizable. We also make important suggestions and help our customers make an informed decision.

What are your plans for the future?

I aim to reach the international market and provide my online marketing services to a wider market

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