Digital Marketing Strategies Entrepreneurs Should Implement in 2022

By deploying a practical, achievable, and consistent digital marketing strategy, small businesses can connect with millions of new users, challenge big business dominance, and carve out a unique niche for themselves, amid fierce competition.

By Adetee Agarwaal

Digital marketing is that unstoppable force changing the rules of businesses, all over the world. With over 43 crore smartphone users in India and 82 crore internet users, the importance and relevance of digital marketing is greater than ever. The covid-19 pandemic made it more important and businesses started realizing its importance when everyone started spending most of their time online.

By deploying a practical, achievable, and consistent digital marketing strategy, small businesses can connect with millions of new users, challenge big business dominance, and carve out a unique niche for themselves, amid fierce competition. Not only is digital marketing currently the cheapest way to get your product or service known, it’s also the fastest way to connect with your target audience and offer them the solutions they need, right now, right here. And you can’t deny the fact that your target audience is definitely scrolling on Instagram or Facebook.

No wonder the digital marketing market in India is expected to cross the thresholds of Rs 23,000 crore, growing at a blistering pace of 20% per year. The question is not why entrepreneurs should implement digital marketing strategies for their business, but when they should do it: every day you are not present on social networks and digital platforms, you lose customers, business and brand image.

Based on my own experience running an online food startup and scaling operations with a growth rate of over 100%, here are the top 5 digital marketing strategies entrepreneurs should implement. working to spark unstoppable business growth and adopt in 2022 for better revenue and more profits:

Dominant research

The search engine is the holy grail of customer acquisition, the ultimate platform for generating leads, creating brand awareness, and convincing strangers to become your friends and then your customers. With 3.5 billion searches performed on Google every day, search engine marketing should focus very heavily on digital marketing.

SEO or search engine optimization for the most important search keywords should be the number 1 priority for your business, and it can change everything in your business.

Inspiration, motivation, awareness and connection through social media

Nearly 34 crore Indians are active on Facebook and around 14 crore on Instagram. And we’re only talking about two social media platforms here. If your client has a smartphone (which is a very high probability), they must also be on social media platforms, which translates into an opportunity to connect with them, inspire them, educate them, to raise awareness and make him your best friends.

The important thing to note here is that unlike a user who searches for products and services on Google, a typical Facebook or Instagram user is not present on these platforms to buy or get information about your product; but instead they spend time socializing, keeping up to date with the latest trends, and hanging out, having a good time. As a brand, your goal shouldn’t be to sell your products to your audience, but to forge an emotional connection with them, using content as the foundation.

And once that happens, the sparks are bound to fly.

The Most Powerful Direct Marketing Platform: Email

Email is decades old and is still the most powerful direct marketing platform. Amid the glitz and brilliance of social media, the use and relevance of email has never waned, and real customers with real purpose still use email as their primary mode of communication.

For our startup, we largely focused on email marketing, and the results encouraged us to invest more in this digital marketing strategy and become more creative and user-friendly with each email. But a word of warning here: Spam is the death knell of email marketing, and if you spam your audience, they will never forgive or forget. Build a list, delight them with high-quality content, then get them to buy your products and services for the long-term benefits of email marketing.

Personalized communication for high loyalty

With 48 million users, Whatsapp is the number one online messenger for Indians. But strangely, very few small businesses use this platform for transparent communication.

Our 60-70% orders are handled via Whatsapp only, and the secret to our success is highly personalized and transparent communication with our suppliers and customers.

Whatsapp, along with other platforms such as Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram chat and others, allow businesses to engage with their audience, understand them and solve their problems in real time. For your communication strategy and digital marketing activities, Whatsapp and other messengers can be a great platform to spark conversations, heart-to-heart discussions and build brand loyalty.

Express, liberate and dare with videos

With a user base of 45 crores in India, Youtube is another world unto itself, a major search engine, video discovery platform and a solid digital marketing strategy that can no longer be ignored.

Let go of your apprehensions, kill the fear and jump into video marketing to ensure unstoppable growth. Billions of hours are consumed on Youtube alone, and the percentage is growing at a remarkable rate now. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others are now actively promoting videos as their consumption is at an all time high.

Yes, it will take some time for small businesses to adapt and reform for video marketing, but never later than never. Express, liberate and dare with videos, and witness a meteoric rise in new user acquisition, revenue and profit.

Looking at the list of reasons mentioned above, whether a small business or a large business, both should definitely opt for digital marketing strategies. Many businesses still follow the traditional method of marketing, but they should focus on the positive side of digital marketing, where they reach out to a wider audience to target and raise awareness of their products and services. Therefore, it is wise for all entrepreneurs to utilize the potential of digital marketing and advance in their business.

The author is the founder of PinkAprons. The opinions expressed are personal.

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