“Digital Marketing in Simple Words” by Hamed Safari is now available on Amazon

Hamed Safari, a well-known author, entrepreneur and digital marketer, recently published “Digital Marketing in Simple Words”, which quickly became popular.

California, LA – Hamed Safari is a well-known author, entrepreneur and digital marketer based in Los Angeles, who recently published his famous book “Digital marketing in simple words.” Due to Hamed’s impressive background in digital marketing, many believe his book may be one of the best sources for novice digital marketers. Hamed explained digital marketing topics fluently and tried to cover all digital marketing related topics. As he claims, his book is useful for both new and experienced digital marketers.

“Growces”, the famous Los Angeles-based digital marketing company, was founded and run by Hamed Safari and has so far had about 99% successful case studies. Growces is one of the leading digital marketing companies in the United States that provides all types of digital marketing services. Hamed was able to build and lead an excellent team of digital marketers with his impressive knowledge and experience at Growces. Working with Hamed Safari and leveraging his knowledge has helped over 50 employees advance their knowledge and careers in digital marketing.

As mentioned earlier, Hamed is a successful entrepreneur who founded two online businesses in the United States. “Uniqop” is an online grocery store founded and operated by Hamed Safari that offers Asian groceries through online platforms. “Jarchi”, Hamed’s other online business, is an SEO application with more than 6000 active users so far. He is also the co-founder of “eenzy”, an online company that provides DIY services in several cities across the country. In addition to his own businesses, Hamed has helped over 100 companies build brand awareness through digital marketing.

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Digital marketing in simple words” includes all of Hamed’s valuable knowledge and experience, which can help other marketers. He explained all digital marketing topics fluently and literally with simple words. In addition, this book includes examples of his own projects. Many digital marketers believe that this book can be a guide for novice digital marketers and also help more experienced ones to use the experience behind the examples.

“Digital Marketing in Simple Words” has quickly gained popularity as it is a comprehensive guide to digital marketing. Readers and reviewers alike say this book can be a milestone in the life of those who want to become digital marketers. This book derives its value from both its author and its content. Hamed Safari has covered everything from designing websites to running different campaigns. The masters believe that this book can be one of the best guides that can take its reader from apprenticeship to career. By working as a digital marketer, one can master different specialties. This book can help its readers choose and follow their passion. As a famous digital marketer once said, “Reading digital marketing in plain words” is like having Hamed Safari like your master next to you, all the time.

This book is now available on Amazon for the public, and people around the world can order and enjoy it. The author offered this book to all young people around the world who do not have access to the Internet as they wish. “Digital Marketing in Simple Words” is a practical book that explained in a simple way all topics related to digital marketing. This book is one of the few useful sources for both new and experienced digital marketers. Hamed Safari hopes to edit this book from time to time to keep its contents up to date and to add more examples of his adventures in the field to make it even more valuable to readers.

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