digital marketing; GWI Digital Snapshot Report 2022 Part 3

unpack for brands, publishers or users. This will continue to evolve and this is very visible in this report.

Live streaming, podcast and storytelling.

The authenticity of it and the ability to connect with people as a brand, you can never underestimate its value because when people tell you what they want you to give them and how that can add value to their life, go for it. You have to deliver polished stuff, you can do polish or you can do live or you can do all kinds of things. For us marketers, we find incredible value in terms of access and reach. This report covers the number of people tuning into vlogs and even live streaming. There is also a parallel view of how many people are using video as a source of learning, which includes live streams.

I recommend you dive into this report if you want to understand a bit more of the business case of this but also from a learning perspective if you’re not too data driven skip it or give it a try , see how it works for your business and your audience. In Tanzania, many small businesses are taking advantage of Facebook and Instagram to promote their business, but if most of them were aware of this data, their business acumen on which platform appeals to their customers or reaches the right customer can help them a lot. .

Think of your favorite movie! For me, I would say The Matrix (it’s a classic architecture of a movie), and if you look at all of his trilogies which are almost 10 hours in length combined. I can tell you the rough plot but if you ask me to recite them all, I won’t. Have I watched it 100 times already? Yes I have, at every given opportunity. If your content is compelling and adds value, people will always come back to it. If it’s boring or if it’s promotional nonsense it will be partially viewed and then clicked and never again because there are many choices of content to view so that’s where the trick. Don’t wonder if I have to repeat this, but wonder if it’s worth watching more than once? If not, leave it, but if the next question that comes to mind is, how can I scale it up slightly? Like the Matrix movie, it’s a game, it’s a novel, it’s got all kinds of different merchandise, and you can package that story for different audiences at different times. Think of your marketing like, say, the fantasy movie called Harry Potter that most of you must have seen, the real advice is to try not to repeat and repeat and repeat in a way that doesn’t allow the evolution of your storytelling, because it’s not taking advantage of the opportunity, you can do it, but their best ways to use your budget to get better results.

Growth of the social media platform

Realistically, there are different values ​​in all of these different experiences and people are going to keep coming back to them the same way they come back to Snap Chat, Twitter, etc. Users always have strong opinions and they will always express them, but behind all of this there are very genuine statements that we need to listen to. People value the experience they get on these platforms and they want multiple experiences so marketers don’t let us try to create the same or boring content for these viewers.

We’ve seen Tik-Tok continue to grow through data, its ads now reach a billion adults per month, or about 23% of adults outside of China, which is very huge, which is also interesting, it’s the time users spend on Tik-Tok which is like one day a month which is 24 hours a month, it’s basically a lot of time on a platform when you think about it. So unlike that, the other group of people spends about 118 hours per month on Instagram exactly. So when you put the numbers together and contrast between each platform, you see that people are actually spending more time on Tik-Tok, so a lot of money and time is going to Tik-Tok.

Usage vs Affinity vs Behavior

What we also see in the report is that Instagram is preferred – it is more preferred. If you ask someone what their favorite platform is, it’s often 42% of women under 34 who say it’s Instagram versus 18% who only say Tik-Tok. So what does this really mean for brands on all these platforms and how do you balance the idea of ​​usage, reach and affinity?

The easiest advice is to try them all out for your audience first and see the results. This is the only way as a marketer to decide which of these platforms is best for your brand. Even from campaign to campaign the same team will have different results on different platforms so don’t think there is a magic answer and you have identified that Tik-Tokor Instagram is working well and now your mind is settled forever, that’s definitely not how it’s going to be. So try things out for your audience and see what works best.

So let’s briefly decompress the data from the AI ​​they used to call Apani, what mobiles expect to keep up with mobile app trends. Like I said earlier almost a day a month spent on Tik-Tok but also a day a month spent on YouTube, also 19 or 20 hours spent on Facebook and you spent 11.5 hours on Instagram. So if you ask people how much time they spend on social media on average each day, the GWI survey finds it’s 2.5 hours per user per day and that’s split across all platforms.

What do you think? Are you an active user.

To be continued…

Mtatya Alley

Cathy W. Howerton