Digital Marketing Expert Raghav Jain Ushers in New Heights with Brand Box Digital Media and the Masters of Mixology

Raghav Jain is the Founder of Brand Box Digital Media and Founder of Mixology Masters “Digital promotion organization and luxury bar catering organization located in Delhi and Mumbai.

Mr. Jain has earned himself laurels in the digital media industry while effectively starting and growing a bar kitchen business in the limited capacity of focusing on 5-7 years. With an earnest style to understand customer needs and elucidate new approaches to satisfy heap customer desires, Raghav Jain has set a benchmark of greatness by winning over the hearts of individuals by settling their complex and exceptionally individual.

He has officially worked for top Bollywood celebrities, Radhika Madan, Sapna Chaudhary, Manish Malhotra, Dia Mirza, Mohit Raina, Sukhbir Singh, Dino Morea, Daler mehandi and many more.

More than once assessed and questioned in a later authority interview by our confirmed sources on how he figured out how to be the leader of countless exchanges, Mr. Jain replied “I can’t sit idle. I want to keep working, Either I do the stock market or I help my father in his business, I live for my enthusiasm which “works permanently”.

Mr. Jain has worked for over 7,000 clients including Bollywood celebrities, gold producers, diamond dealers, event planners, eminent businessmen, hospitals, schools based on tuition and different brands for development and improvement.

Raghav’s aspiration has always been to continually hone his abilities to make felt, an encounter that leaves a permanent etch on the guest’s psyche.

Whether it’s setting the mood to project the blues of the workplace, a group of companions long perplexed in the trap of family responsibilities, or celebrating precious time with your loved one at a wedding memorial rare, Mixology Masters has a knack for all of a sudden sneaking in with the quality, innovation, and novelty of the brew it serves. MM leaves you with a feeling of restoration, revivification and awakening to walk the light path of examples of overcoming adversity giving a prolific stage for thoughts to blossom. The complex commitment to the fundamental reinforcement of flavor and food does not disconnect MM from the general interest in the style and the Bar plan.

With the planning of the bar possessing a piquancy to retain the temperament and energy of the client’s style proclamation, the quality of the considered event is still odd. By venturing into the party plaza, perhaps the crowd enters the element of a space that is beret of the hustle and bustle that is normal for the rest of the world.

The administration is the most important element that allowed Raghav to touch the sky with admirable appreciation; the ability to venture into the client’s point of view and work from that position thereafter. Crafting items and administrations that allure and similarly aren’t just an exceptionally valued financial idea but rather an undeniable passionate connection is something Raghav had to try from a young age.

The substantial hint of melancholy, polish, and association with customers’ thoughts and values ​​is what separates Raghav’s base organization from other peers. Therein lies the aggressive vision of growth and development through the impression of sharp and clear vision to understand the interesting character and prospects of the singular client.

Today, we live in two worlds at the same time – this current reality and the world of online media – and as a rule, these lines can darken. As entrepreneurs try to make an effective brand, it tends to be difficult to isolate these two worlds, causing a real burnout that Mr. Jain himself encountered, and that was one of the main goals of the implementation of Brand Box Digital Media.

At Brand box advanced media and Mixology Masters, no one returns without a startling flash of confidence in their own innate worth, a frivolity of quality and light that each individual carries within. The valuable time customers spend in our brands has them singing compelling notes of opportunity, satisfaction and empowerment. For the trade routes of Raghav Jain, anything is possible; a conglomerating settling place of imaginative plans to quench the ever-changing and ever-developing thirst to communicate the diverse personality of the cosmopolitan man.

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