Digital marketing agency Finsbury Media announces partnership with WD-40

LONDON, January 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Finsbury Media, the UK’s leading digital marketing agency today announced its partnership with WD-40 to develop new UK-only advertising strategies and campaigns. Best known for its water repellent spray; WD-40 has a wide range of maintenance products. Unveiling these campaigns is another way to solidify WD-40’s position in the UK.

Finsbury Media was appointed to significantly expand WD-40’s reach by launching various advertising and social media campaigns. The partnership with Finsbury Media strengthens WD-40’s marketing on multiple fronts using unique strategies and initiatives that prioritize brand awareness.

From multi-channel advertising campaigns to online education, the goal is to drive purchase intent and product knowledge of all products in the market. WD-40 wallet. These products provide solutions for customers in homes, workshops and factories around the world. Finsbury Media uses a targeted approach and extensive experience to ensure sustainable and profitable results with every campaign. WD-40 isn’t just used in your local garage; It has a host of practical uses that Finsbury Media aims to highlight this year.

Managing results-driven marketing strategies is what Finsbury’s team of experts have been doing for nearly a decade and is integral to improving WD-40’s reach in 2022.

“We are committed to working with WD-40 to push their marketing and advertising capabilities even further with a focus on maximizing value and expanding their overall digital reach,” said Finsbury’s chief operating officer. Media.

We’ve all seen companies transition to a digital business model over the past year and we can certainly expect that growth trend to continue this year. It’s inevitable that if you want to reach customers in today’s world, you need a digital presence. Having a digital marketing partner to implement and manage all of your marketing solutions makes the process much easier, saving you time and money. Moreover, it guarantees reporting on data metrics and performance across your websites and advertising channels. Give your business the opportunity to improve its approach, test strategies for broader optimization, and gain valuable insights that can help grow your business.

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