Data and insights research firm Launchmetrics acquires rival media planning firm DMR Group

THE WHAT? Fashion, luxury and beauty research and data analytics firm Launchmetrics has acquired rival media planning firm DMR Group, according to

THE DETAILS? Launchmetrics will grow its customer base to 1,200 customers through the acquisition, an increase of 20%.

Launchmetrics seeks to reach a critical size in view of an IPO,

Taking a statement, Launchmetrics said the increased number would bring it closer to its goal of $100 million in annual recurring revenue by 2025.

Michael Jais, CEO of Launchmetrics, told WWD, “It’s really the metric that shows we’re headed for an IPO in the next few years.”

THE WHY ? The acquisition will allow Launchmetrics to extend its existing tools to measure and optimize its performance alongside DMR’s “white glove” service.

“We will keep the added value of what they were doing for their customers. I think it’s really very important, because this quality of service is one of DMR’s great strengths. Next, we’ll add data and technology to give these companies access to even more powerful insights.

“We think it’s important to be able to offer a solution that allows us to meet all of our customers’ needs. Instead of battling DMR to see who has the best coverage and historical data, we’ll focus on the future. It allows me to grow faster. »

Cathy W. Howerton