DASH Brand Management joins the IZEA Talent Partner program

Orlando, Florida, March 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), today welcomed the leading influencer representation agency, DASH Brand Management, to its Talent Partnership Program.

The first of its kind in the industry, IZEA’s Talent Partner program brings together the best influencer representation agencies who share a vision of uniting the wider creative economy. Collaboratively, IZEA and its talent agency member-partners will work together to provide brands with access to top influencing talent on existing and emerging social media platforms, thereby strengthening thought leadership in the industry and aligning consumer interest strategies.

With over 75 million combined monthly pageviews and a reach of over 37 million social media users, DASH Brand Management represents an extraordinary roster of influencers passionate about creating content covering topics such as parenting, food and lifestyle. The agency is focused on building authentic relationships, facilitating effective partnerships with brands, and increasing the collaborative nature of the influencer industry. Founded in 2017 by CEO Sandra McCollum, DASH’s talent roster joins the largest opt-in network in the influencer marketing industry at IZEA.

“We are excited to further propel the influencer industry by working strategically as a talent partner with IZEA,” said Sandra McCollum, CEO and Brand Manager at DASH Brand Management. “This type of partnership will set the bar for campaign management, creative content creation and effective communication – allowing marketers and creators to work together strategically to reach their target audience.”

“In an ever-expanding universe of influencers, we recognize that collaboration between industry experts is crucial for growth. Providing our clients with easy access to the best, hand-picked talent representation companies is essential, ”said Ted Murphy, President and CEO of IZEA. “We are excited to advance our shared belief that the designer economy is one of the most important aspects of the modern marketing landscape. “

Starting today, invited members of the Talent Partner Program, including DASH, will benefit from enhanced sponsorship deal flow opportunities through direct collaboration with IZEA’s Managed Advisory Services unit. , the inclusion of preferred talents in the IZEAx and Shake creator networks, a first availability in the IZEA networks exclusive research initiatives and exclusive information sessions. Selected partners and their signed talents will also participate in a co-marketing selection, press exposure and future signature events.
IZEA plans to officially welcome other Talent Partners in subsequent announcements. Details of these members will be made public via newswires, the online press center and company social media.

To request an invitation to join IZEA as a Talent Partner, please visit: https://izea.com/partners/talent/

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Cathy W. Howerton